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Aggression, Seizures, and Autism

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by shop, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. My wife and I have two adult children who are both significantly autistic. Our daughter has focal seizures at least once a month. She is 21. Our son, who is 23, has always had struggles with aggressive behavior and still does. He also has a history of seizures. He also has a long back story with regard to the problem behaviors and his current living situation. Suffice it to say that our road has been long but we have seen great successes but need some support to get him over the hump behaviorally.
    Both our kids are non-verbal and in need of round the clock care. While they are physically able they could not live, or even stay, alone.
    Over the past several months we have received Care Giver cards for the kids. We have tried Simpson Oil products with both of them that are high in CBD. While there have been some improvements with both behaviorally it has not controlled her seizures.
    Recently I read an article about a mom who had a son who was very aggressive and she used a strain with a higher percentage of THC than CBD and there is some initial research to suggest that THC receptors help manage aggressive behaviors. We switched our son to capsules high in THC (15 mg) and low in CBD (5 mg). So far we have seen little in the way of results. He gets the aforementioned dose twice a day.
    I am perplexed by dosing. How much doe she need to control the seizures? In term of the Simpson oil (it is Cannatonic #4), if it is say 53% CBD how much does she actually get in a 20 mg dose? How much should she get?
    With regard to our son, we are most interested in a way to help him manage his aggressive episodes. He is 6' tall and pushing 200#. When he is upset it can be problematic to help him through that. He has a staff that stays with him 24 hrs. and they sometimes struggle. Bottom line is we want him to live as normal a life as possible, and to be happy. What all parents want, right?
    We have only been at this whole medical marijuana thing for about 6 months and have way more questions than answers. Our local dispenseries have been great but we struggle to get answers to these questions.
    Can anybody help?
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  2. How about a batch of brownies made with a hybrid? That's what I've settled on for control of my symptoms. I'm snoozing in and out all day. I used between a quarter and an eighth of different strains, cooked it in oil for 30 minutes (not letting it get too hot, if it smokes it's too hot) add to brownie mix and Bob's your uncle. I wouldn't suggest this for children but since yours have the bodies of adults this is my best guess. Good luck!
  3. You should check out the GAPS book by Natasha McBride.
  4. you will want a strong indica to handle the aggression, no sativas. it could take many combinations of thc-cbd, cbd-thc, etc to get results for stopping seizures also.
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  5. good luck OG

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