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  1. minimum age 18yrs

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  2. 18-21

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  3. 22-35

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  4. 36-old

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  5. and the super sexy over 45 yr olds

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  1. I know these post has been done over and over again but i just want to see the average age here.
  2. 20 , turnin 21 in a couple months.
  3. Old bastard eh?

    I resemble that remark!!!!!
  4. haha old bastards!!!!!! LMAO haha!
  5. just over a 1/4 century

  6. same here ......... more like a few months on my part though.....
  7. turn 21 in nov. :D
  8. I am just over 18 by a few months. But I been smoking since I was 13. And I been around alot, so don't think I donno what I'm talking about...
  9. just turned 23 last week :)
  10. i was 18 on J-DAY May 3rd :)
  11. a young looking 29. And I don't get to have sex everynight and I deserve to.
  12. nearly nineteen and I'd be happy with sex once a week, tho I'd happily have it every day
  13. i'm 19. will be 20 in august... no sex for me. only one who's gettin' it from me is my wife (whoever she may be).

  14. cool :)

  15. i am 19.

    i might have what you're looking for.
  16. damn proudof you woody kerep yhrins shit a wokyinh man (to drunk t typoe sorry)

  17. Cottons, I'm older than you?! I knew you were 19, but I thought for sure you'd turn 20 before me!

    Well, I'm only older than you by a month...I'll be 20 on July 13 (hint hint ;)) LOL
  18. hey ev1! haven't been around in awhile! i'm just over 30 and lovin every minute! happy tokin all!
  19. 19, not turning 20 till nov.
  20. lol hempress. you're less than a month older than me. i turn 20 on the day Truman dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima...

    i'll be impressed if anyone can guess what day it was :D

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