Ages of consent in Europe

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  1. If you ever need to know, this map will is not shown here but if i remember correctly the vatican has a lower age....12....not that youre gonna get laid in the holy see but hey...


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  2. Good to know dude, nice post but..
    If you are born in '93, arent you 17.. ?
  3. maybe he's been smoking since 93?
  4. Croatia ftw lulz
  5. Looks like Im going to Spain
  6. looks like im goin to the vatican
  7. I hope you arent a 10 yr old boy then

  8. maybe he likes 10 year old boys
  9. Well hes out of luck. The age limit is 12. Unless he is going there to become a priest
  10. yeah...93 was the year i said hi to weed....(and it said hi back)...
  11. So the age a chick can fuck any guy even if the guy is over 18 is reflected above?

    Fuck, I'm moving to Europe :hello:
  12. in a word...yes :smoke:
  13. a eurotrip has just been added to my bucket list
  14. i think 16 is a fine age of consent. at that age you know if you want it or not.. i think 13 is a bit low but thats just my opinion.

    i wanna go to eastern europe :devious:
  15. And the pseudo-pedo's all raise their hands:eek::D


    Bout time for a Pedo-Bear sighting LOL
  16. i wanna comment but i got nothing to say....:smoke:

  17. now thats funny right there!

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