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Agents Seize Ten Tons Of Pot At The U.S.-Mexico Border

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by RMJL, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. Agents Seize Ten Tons Of Pot At The U.S.-Mexico Border
    .c The Associated Press

    SAN DIEGO (Feb. 23) - U.S. Customs Service officers seized nearly 10 tons of marijuana from a tractor-trailer truck carrying computer circuits across the U.S.-Mexican border, officials said Saturday.

    Investigators said they believed the roughly $9 million shipment was the largest amount of marijuana ever seized on America's Southwest border.

    ''Any time we can prevent 10 tons of narcotics from entering the streets of America, it's a great day for the U.S. Customs Service,'' said Michael Turner, special agent in charge of the U.S. Customs Office of Investigations in San Diego.

    Investigators found 4,000 plastic-wrapped packages of marijuana inside the truck with California license plates at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, on the eastern edge of San Diego. The truck, on its way north from Mexico, was under inspection Friday when a drug-sniffing dog alerted officials to its cargo. Inside, officials found packages of a green, leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana.

    The truck's driver, Carlos Ibarra, 39, of Tijuana, was arrested by Customs agents and transported to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego until his arraignment in federal court.

    Before Friday's seizure, the largest amount of marijuana intercepted at the border was about 7.5 tons in April 2001. Earlier this month, officers at the El Paso border seized 6.3 tons.

    ''Although our primary focus is on anti-terrorism, we have not diminished our commitment to ensuring that dangerous narcotics are denied entry into the United States,'' said Nat Aycox, U.S. Customs director of field operations in San Diego,

    With more than 1.4 million truck crossings per year, the Otay Mesa Port of Entry is the largest commercial crossing along the California-Mexico border, according to the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce. It handles the second highest volume of trucks among all U.S.-Mexico land border crossings.

    AP-NY-02-23-03 0415EST
  2. Thats going to put the hurt to alot of people!
  3. Hell yeah it is!

  4. But it's a sad day for me!
  5. I don't want to be the evil guy, but don't you think there are pretty good odds that shipment came from a cartel that might be violent, like some of the commercials say?

    But on the bright side, it was probably all standard brickpacked, now everyone will have to spring for the better stuff!
  6. LOL! I read Hempress's quote and was like "I didn't say that!!!" I'm not even high and it confused me.

    Yeah, it probably came from a big cartel but if weed were legal then that wouldn't even be an issue. It coming in from Mexico "illegally" wouldn't be necessary but that's a whole other thread so I'll leave it alone at that.
  7. Thank god I'm on the other side of the continent, in the land of milk and honey. It shouldn't have much effect on me.
  8. Totally agree RMJL =)
  9. who cares? it came from mexico and it was probably shit. I mean schwag. Y'all need to stop smokin stress and only buy kush.
  10. i wonder what the police do with ten tons of mj
  11. hmm... big tex... i wonder too... i wonder too...
  12. i know a lot of cops smoke so i wouldn't doubt any of it coming up missing. i feel bad for the people that depended on that, but i do believe, there was probably another truck that made it through that day from the same people. theres nothing wrong with smoking brick weed, you get what you can fucking get. I'd buy brick right now to save some cash but theres nothing but dank around here because nothings really smuggled in almost everythings homegrown. they can keep all the puppys at the mexico border and catch people as long as they stay the hell away from here. i hate cops with k9s, there the only cops that really scare me. they are watching the border pretty hard, i'd think i'd fly the dope over instead of trucking it if i had a cartel right now. i hear nothing about personal airplanes getting busted. but i don't think a mexican driver cost much to a drug lord.
  13. i havent personally bought any from a dealer in a while, but ive heard that the town is SUPAH DRY

    there was also a rather large bust in arkansas the other day..i cant remember...7,000 lbs or somethin like that.
  14. dangerous narcotic my ass motherfucker
  15. I wonder how much more the truck had before the cops took their share? Like they found 12 tons, and said, "We found 10 tons of MJ today, look, were heros!" and then they split up the missing 2 tons.

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