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    Here's my agent orange plant.
    Started showing pistils around July 20.

  2. Oh and she's about a month and a half old now.
  3. Bump. I LST'd her a bit more yesterday.
  4. Update august 7th.

    She is progressing well, developing many preflowers. Her branches are fattening up also.

  5. Should I start giving her some ferts?
  6. C'mon, no comments?
  7. You can fertilize now depending on your medium you can generally start fertz 2 weeks after transplant looking good tho may I ask what medium you use? And what nutes you plan on using?
  8. I'm using Jungle grow soil. I have some schultz orchid food.
    I need better ferts.
    I also got some miracle grow flower food liquid shit in a bottle, but theres no directions so im going to have to just guess for the best.
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    Please don't use either one.... I work at a nursery and I know the chemicals you have for one the chemicals you plan of fertilizing with are not organic... You might as well smoke the nutes... Also weed is called weed for a reason with just water the plant will thrive for great weed you add organic material ie foxfarm, compost, etc so yeah also the miracle and the orchid food are high in numbers n/p/k usually, if you give your plants this chemicals you force the plant to shoot off green growth which is good but bad fast growth produces alot of sugars in the plant and makes it weak from the top growing and the roots not being able to keep up which will attract bugs! Aphids,thrip,scale, and mites are all attractted to thos type of plant in a good organic food you can see that the numbers are way lower and for a good reason it's a slow release nute so you get a much stronger and healthier plant with a great root system. So I suggest getting some of the good stuff for a great smoke! And just use water and sunlight! That's all you really need

  10. I like the shape of the plant. Looks like a bonzai grow. I wish I had dome some LST this year.

    Nice looking so far. By now, I would expect that you are giving some high potassium nutes to keep the flower power up.

  11. Amen to that. The article I read about molasses and how you feed the soil instead of the plant makes sense to me. Promoting the organic process in the soil feeds the plant on a natural scale instead of some arbitrary scale like guessing how much fertilizer to use.... Let the plant tell you it needs nutes. If they are in pots, it's required to pay more attention to the cues and do the research to figure out how to remedy problems.

    I'm a noob grower myself and feel just lucky that I have some wins under my belt using very simple methods.
  12. Heres some pics from yesterday


    Found this guy today!
  13. Also seen 2 wild otter, and a huge pack of coons chillin on this dudes car. Atleast 6 of em.

    I also see several deer everynight.
  14. Check out the stalk on this girl. Extremely sturdy stems, nice and solid :)

  15. Should I keep her tied down or is it time to let her go?
  16. Damn that's a big ass snapper!
    I got them around where I live too.

    Nice looking plant man.
  17. Sweet plants man.
    One question, how are the stems so woody and thick from such an early stage in the plants life. Has it been rejuvenated or something.. They look decent for young plants man.
    check out these..

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    Yes, as a matter of fact it was rejuvenated. When I said it was a month and a half old I meant since re-vegetation.

    It was rejuvenated from this
    a tiny plant that was already in flowering, I had no hope for it and was expecting a yeild of close to nothing. and at that point it was a month old, so I just let her go and it took another month to begin re-vegging. and she just took off since she started to re-veg which was around the beginning of july/end of june. So from then to now is what I consider how old she is.

    So in total she's probably about 3 months old.

    But the time before she re-vegged doesn't count.
  19. Update!

    Freshly transplanted into her new home :)

    What i've been waiting for :)

  20. Isn't that an awesome feeling? So sweet.

    I had a runt in my litter too that turned out female. 5 months old and maybe 6 inches tall.... :)

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