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  1. How old are you & do you think you'll ever be too old to smoke/an age to stop?
  2. I'm 19 and will only quit if my job requires drug testing. Even then, I'll probably still smoke.
  3. Michael Jordan's number.

    Who knows? I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow..
  4. I'm 20 and seriously considering the air force within the next year or 2 so I know quitting for good (or atleast a very long time) is coming soon.

    I know if I settled down with a good girl and started a nice family then all that would change though. Maybe a toke here and there...but no bein a stoner.
  5. I'm 20 and don't know when I'm going to stop smoking. I don't plan on it any time soon though, I probably won't stop unless I absolutely have to.

  6. 21

    I second this
  7. just turned 21 a week ago and ill be smoking weed till im dead, hopefully someboyd drops a dank nug in my casket

    EDIT - i forgot im organ donor
  8. Im 20 and like others have said Ill never quit unless required for a job :smoking:
  9. 20 and probably won't stop unless I need to.
  10. 23 and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon as I don't see the point in stopping its not a drug its a plant and people smoke cigars made of tobacco and they are old as hell why can't I smoke a cigar made of marijuana when I'm old as hell too. I mean I'll stop when it comes to a DT but that's about it.
  11. im 19 and i never plan on stoping
    im sure when i get to like age 50 or something i wont have the connections that i may have had earlyer but hell there is always some way to get weed if you try whithin a reasonable ammount of time.
  12. 24. Only time I'd ever quit is if it starts to take over my life. I've been toking for 11 years and it hasn't been a detriment, so I'll probably be blazing for a while.
  13. I quit when I joined the navy. Barely passed the entrance DT but stayed sober for four long years ! well I drank like a fish so not sober but smoke free. The day got out I smoked a fatty:smoking:

    I'm 35 now and a daily smoker / grower because I had back surgery two years ago and I have chronic pain now. The weed helps and its a fun hobby.
  14. 44. My dying words will be, "pass me my bowl, Doc." :D
  15. I am 19. The first thing that came to mind when I read this question was the same thing everyone else is saying... "I won't quit unless I have to." But then I actually began to think about it you honestly don't ever HAVE TO quit (unless you die of course). It's a choice you make on your own. Then I began to think maybe a lot of people choose to quit for some reason I haven't learned yet. Maybe they just want to be able to keep a good job that pays more than 11 dollars an hour. I haven't come to a point in my life where having a good deal of cash or living up to anyone elses' expectations have been important to me. Maybe on that day I will consider to stop smoking pot.
  16. 20 here. I think I'll cut back over the years, especially if/when I have kids, but I doubt I'll completely quit.
  17. I'm 22 years old and alot of the 18 19 year old kids are all "blaze til I die". Well I was like that too, smoked pot every single day. now I really only smoke on the weekends, and don't buy weed just smoke when it's offered, although I don't smoke everytime I'm offered. Something in me just changed (i've gone through alot in the past 2 years) and smoking just wasn't what it used to be. I found myself no longer truly enjoying it and only smoking just so I wasn't sober so I just kinda stopped for awhile, a good year actually. It wasn't cuz of a job or anything like that, but I really needed my head to be on strait to deal with things and was searching for something (which I found) that wasn't anything a drug could give me or anyone else for that matter, i had to find it inside myself, and ever since i found it drugs just aren't what I want to do anymore, and I was that kid who was known as a pothead/druggie through highschool, it's what everyone knows me for, and it's not something you want people to know you for, you want people to know you for you. They also don't help with my spirituality because like I said, I need a clear mind cuz I've dedicated myself to a higher cause, haha and not like a Jehovah's witness higher cause, it's on a personal level. I'll drop some acid or shrooms on a rare occasion, but only for the occasional different perspective of things.

    It's actually kinda weird cuz when I was younger and would do hallucinogens it seemed like I had so many revelations about life, now I rarely have any revelations, it's basically like I've learned everything psychedelics have to teach, and to learn anymore it's gonna take work and dedication, not a peice of paper or fungi.

    Oh, and if your wondering why I'm on a stoner forum and I'm not really a stoner anymore, it's because I know for a fact that weed and other drugs are the reason I'm where I'm at today, why I have the belief's that I do, etc. It opened my mind something crazy, literally changed who I was. I went from a quiet shy person and after the very first time getting high I was no longer so shy and nervous but outgoing and not afraid to talk to people, high or sober. It just made something click in my brain like I was destined to do what I did or something haha.

    Plus, stoners/druggies are the kind of people I relate to. People who've never done any kind of drugs will never understand the different point of view you view the world with once you unlock the chemical doors in your head, and now that those doors are unlocked, I wish to unlock the rest of the doors so I can view the world/universe on a level that's unfathomable to the common mind.

    Whoa, went on a bit of a rant there haha, hell I might as well tell the rest of my life story while I'm at it haha but I'll save it.
  18. Im 18 and I smoke alot of weed during my off season in basketball.. on season is every here and there..
    Am I the only one waiting for somebody to say they are like 15 or 16 lol
  19. I'm 18 and I will never be too old to smoke.
  20. I'm 20 (21 at the end of this month) and I doubt I'll ever completely quit. Maybe slow down over the years, but that's probably it.

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