Age? Smoking For How Long?

Discussion in 'General' started by spbizzy, Jul 19, 2002.

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  1. 21/M
    Smoking for 2 Years
  2. well now let\'s see i\'m 25 and have been smoking for 9 years and am not planning on quitting anytime soon!

    spread the seeds!!!!!!
  3. 15, only about half a year.
  4. 17

    bout year and a half now. I\'m gunna be tokin on my death bed.
  5. Let\'s see, I\'ll be 25 in September and it\'ll be 13 years that I\'ve been smoking this November. And I\'ll continue burning down until the day I die!!!!!
  6. Im 18 years old and I have been smoking for six years.
  7. I am just about 21 years old (yay!)...i have been smokin since i was about 13 so that is.....hmmm...almost 8 years i guess....and i plan to smoke for 1000 more!
  8. Let\'s see, I\'m 47, smoked my first bag on my 16th birthday. Yea I said bag but then it was called a lid, sold for $15.00 and was equal to an oz. Still tokin and will toke with my grandkids when they\'re old enough. PEACE
  9. lets see im 19 now, ... so i\'ve been smokin the sweet chiba for 8 yrs now.

    feelin good

  10. im 16, 4yrs now
  11. im 20 been hittin that bong for 5 years
  12. 18...been smoking for a couple months...HA! i\'m a newbie...kinda...
  13. 25 for a little while longer, smoking on and off (mostly on) for the past 13 years.
  14. well i\'m 29 so i\'ve been smokin for 16 years. wow, didn\'t think it was for that long. a husband and 2 kids and still goin hard! usually at nite when the kids are in bed. hubby don\'t really smoke pot anymore, god i feel for him lol!
  15. 27 and been smokin for six years.
  16. just gotta say that this kinda sounds like some kinda therapy group! lol
  17. 15...smoking fo about a year...
  18. 15 been smoking for about a year now, on and off cuz i got busted a lot...actually almost got busted today :)
  19. hmm y don\'t people read the rules 18 years old minimum We don\'t care if ur underage just don\'t say it and we don\'t know. I just read 3, 15 year olds post. I recommend deleting ur post if u don\'t want a ban;)

  20. Those posts are all five years old.
    They are all around 20 now!
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