age gap relationship?

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  1. anybody in here involved in an age gap relationship? meaning a significant age difference between two partners? Myself, I'm 21 (2 months till 22...421, lol) dating a 35 year old for about 8-9 months now and no she does not blaze! haha anybody else? Whats ur spouse think abt smoking? How long has it been going on? :smoking: happy chiefin
  2. is she a milf?
  3. Never get girls too young though...just reminds you of all the bullshit you learned was bullshit

    I wouldnt mind a good milf though...has her shit straight and her own weekly schedule.
  4. Haha na no kids so I guess technically no milf, but she's damn sexy and I love bein w a more mature woman maybe I'm jus too old for my age lol
  5. im turning 20 in a few months and my girl is turning 18 a week after my bday. not much of a different and i usually like older girls but shes dominican and we are like a married couple who dont argue.
  6. i didnt end up dating her, but at the time i got real heavy with a 27 year old and im 22. it was sorta sexy.
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    man lucky, i want to date an older woman so bad... soooooooooo bad im 19, 20 in july. it would rule to date like a 25-30 year old
  8. My friend Sara let me stay with her the weekend before my 20th birthday. All we did that whole weekend was drink and have non-committal sex and watch awesome movies. I learned a lot about how to please a woman sexually. She has a boyfriend now but we remained really good friends.
  9. 19 to 36 is that a gap enough? She could suck a mean dick but the pussy was like a hotdog down a hallway after a few swipes. She never complained about me though after she got hers.

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