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Age for Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cmbr66, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Do you have to be 18 to use medical marijuana? can anyone give me some info on the age limit for medical marijuana.
  2. idk about that, but i know you gotta b 18 to visit this site. :p

  3. why would you even care if i was under 18
  4. i wouldnt care. i just think some people could do with being reminded that if they're under 18 and want to stay on the forum. ya know... stay shtoom about your age if your under. lol.not that i advocate lying about your age of course. *cough* ;)
  5. mainly depends on what doctor you go see but i know the doctors out here in california wont see anyone under 21 unless its a serious illness like aids or cancer or something of that nature. Also keep in mind if your under 18 youll have to get your parents approvel first, they wont recomend marijuana to a minor without consulting the parents first.
  6. thx for the info cali_toker. nobody said they were under 18.
  7. I saw a thing on dateline about a kid who had ADD, and the doctor prescribed marijuana. His mom just fried the MJ and made them into little snacks, and then he was able to concentrate and go do homework. It was pretty cool.
  8. You dont have to be any certain age to get it, I got mine when I was 16.

  9. ha, that sounds like the dumbest idea ever!
  10. greendazed i saw ur signature, and i saw Minneapolis, MN, im from MN too lol first person ive ever seen on here from here. yup just pointing out the obvious )

  11. What'd you get it prescribed (sp?) for?

  12. tbh im sure that would work, when you get high, dont you tend to concentrate on one subject in your head for a long amount of time? every once in awhile atleast, therfore it'd probably help that kid to concentrate souly on the homework.

  13. sounds far more sane than feeding your kid a powerful, dangerous and addictive drug like ritalin. wouldnt you say so? or are you in the wrong place? ... i think you're looking for ;p
  14. sassafrasquatch - Yeah, represent the land of 10,000 lakes! Heh.

    Everyone else - I don't think the idea of marijuana for ADD or ADHD that bad of an idea. The kid that I saw was totally off the wall. He couldn't sit still, let alone sit down and do homework. They'd cook up some MJ treats, and he'd mellow out and be able to function normally. Yes, MJ does make you concentrate really hard on one thing, at least from what I have noticed. Heh, but it's no good for multitasking, I can tell you that :p
  15. Minneapolis, MN, represent.

  16. Migraines and ADD... nothing to serious, but the migraines get really bad without it.

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