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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nort56, May 27, 2004.

  1. My plants are 7wks old and have been on a 18/6 diet of light since sprouting, I cannot afford a better lighting system right now but am saving for hps but until then should I leave them on this diet or go to a 12/12, I have read a lot a a lot contridicts other stuff so I am just confused. They are all about 18"-24" tall with leaves and shoots and I am wondering if I am too late to start them flowering.
  2. well if u think u might be too late u may as well put them on 12/12 to see if it helps but i don't think ur too late from what i understand u can veg a plant until its as big or small as u want it to be

    (that's just what i've got out of the reading i've done)

    ps.. what kind of lights do u have because if they're only 2 ft. tall after 7 weeks......
  3. I am using two 48" 40 watt full spectrum florescents with a reflector in a closet lined with foil that put out 3300 lumens apiece and also have two compact spiral floros on clamps that put out an additional 2650 lumens apiece. This is my first grow so I am just going along with what I have read. The height might be off as I have not measured them just eyeballed them, they might be taller but will measure them to make sure.
  4. How many plants you got goin, I dont think those lights will flower a 2ft plant. If they do they aint gonna be much bud how long till you get ur h.p.s.
  5. he can flower a 2 footer, it will stretch, but he can still flower it. the buds will not be as dense as under an hps, and lower growth may suffer, but he can always go back and harvest the done bud, letting the plant stay in flowering while the rest of the lower growth has a chance to mature
  6. I have 3 plants in 5 gallon pots, they were transplanted 10 days ago from 1 gallon pots and have shot up but they are kind of sparse, topped them for the first time last night and am going to a 12/12 schedule. It might be about a week before I can get the hps, am searching for the best deal for the right light. The lower leaves are kind of spotted and I trimmed them off, will send pics soon and give all a better idea of what they look like. When would be a good time to start the new light schedule? Can I start this soon after topping or should I wait?

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