again, thursday. pretty much the weekend anyway.

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  1. Today was the last day of school yayyyyy.

    except I have summer school in three weeks.

    but whatever.

    today I woke up after a late night of crushing dank bowls, threw some clothes on and left my house at 8:20, needing to walk into my class for my photography exam at 8:30. I rushed to my locker and made it to the exam and took it and wrote an essay about the evolution of photo technology and the artistic styles of photography and their effects on each other. And then I made a print with this old ass negative.

    then I left 45 minutes later and got home at 9:30. went to the bank got scrills called my boy up for a quarter and he hooked it up niceee. Good ass middies to. So I rolled home and bought a pipe at the cvs since my exgirlfriend has mine or maybe not or something. But anyway. I smoke a bowl of these crucial middies, but the pipe I bought sucks and had mad pull through. I sucked it up and smoked the bowl and got pretty high, but I just wasn't satisfied. Now, only a blunt would do.

    I rolled it out of a black and mild and I mixed the tobacco with the weed, for some reason I just wanted to and it was pretty enjoyable. So I smoke a blunt of that shit, about 3 parts weed 1 part tobacco straight to the dome on my back porch. Just called up my boy V and we're about to go grub and hit up the arcade.

    I am so fucking high right now.

    this story probably sucks.
  2. i love that part, cause it seems like a movie trailer.

    i also enjoy the part about us crushin food and hittin the arcade.
  3. Agreed :hello:

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