Again, mom?

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  1. Before this, I moved and changed schools a lot, so the moves usually weren't a big deal.

    My mom divorced my dad when I was 11, and it was for the best.
    Six months later she gets a boyfriend, and we start staying the night with him.
    Six months later they break up and we move out of state.
    My mom gets another boyfriend that lasts a month or so.
    A year goes by.
    She gets back together with the first boyfriend; they get engaged, and we move in with him.
    Then they break up again.

    Another year, another engagement to another boyfriend, another move into a stranger's house.

    Then one more time, but I only have a day's notice before we move in with this guy. And then a week before I learn that I have to change schools again after having lived in the same county for a few years and finally feeling somewhat settled.

    We move, and she gets engaged to another guy, and then they break up.

    Now it's present time. My mom met was working as a kind of day-job house nurse for two old ladies. Through these ladies she meets another guy, who is 90 years old. They get together, and then break up after a month.

    Then the guy calls, and says that he doesn't care if they date, he just wants someone to keep him out of a nursing home until he dies.

    A month or so goes by, and my mom moves in with him without telling me or my brother.

    Skip forward a week.

    Yesterday she tells me that she's getting married.

  2. jesus lol that sucks time for you to get your own place. :hello:

  3. Working on it.
  4. The only obvious way to solve the problem is to kill her.
  5. is that old guy rich?
  6. Your mom gets around man...just kidding. (but not really)

    I would move out and find my own place. maybe you and your brother could live together in an apartment.

    Op how old are you? (not for age police) I would help because your options are very different depending on how old you are and what you plan on doing with your life.
  7. You're mom sounds like a golddigger :rolleyes:. Either way, she's thinking for herself and not her kids by moving around and putting you and your siblings through all the relationship bullshit.
  8. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaah
  9. Your mom sucks hard....
  10. Apparently, with all the guys she's getting.
  11. lol jesus dude...not to be critical but she moved in with and married a 90 yr old!?
    'tis strange.....very strange indeed good sir.....
  12. keep him drunk 24/7 so she doesn't sign a preen-up.

  13. good advice
  14. obviously this, bury her body deep in the woods. just kidding dont do that..:D sounds like you need to find your own place but until then you will just have to put up with it:confused:
  15. Damn homie!! lol That should be made into a movie haha
  16. well u better just hope when that old man dies he leaves u all some moola $$$$$$$$:smoke:
  17. yea man it would seem the obvious solution would be for you to find your own place. I wen't through the same thing with my mom only it was migrating between my father and stepfather's house every couple of years. Having to relocate sucks hard especially if your still in high school. Your mom is definitely only thinking for herself.
  18. First off, stop shittin on his mom guys...I wouldnt like it if you guys were sayin shit about my mom so at least show some courtesy.

    On another note, that sucks. If your old enough I say get away from her. She obviously isnt paying much attention to your needs. Idk about you, but if I were in your situation (I shit you not) I would have given my mom a firm slap to the face a long time ago. No, I never have hit a woman ( bad u know what i mean) but after 2 times and her saying "we're moving again" I would have got up and slapped her as hard as I could right across the face and say "Im not fucking luggage, get your shit together and stop dragging me around. If you cant do it i'll find a family who will."

    Good luck man. That blows. Id probably go ape shit on every guy she meets from then on simply because I wouldnt want to move. I'd totally be that kid who drives off dudes from their mom.
  19. ^ This, and move out A.S.A.P

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