Again got paranoia!!

Discussion in 'General' started by .AcidTrip., Aug 10, 2008.

  1. this is like the 4th time i get high and then get really paranoid my hands shake and hearthbeats increase and have difficulties in breathing.

    two night ago it was the strongest so far i seriosly felt like somehting was wrong and kept on seeing people and yeah i fainted for the first time and my friends said i was shaking a lil bit when i fainted anyways its getting annoying i dont know what do to please help

    and dont suggest to stop smoking.
  2. Alcohol calms me down. If I get too high I get like that. Panic attacks suck
  3. I get panic attacks also, all I can do is chill and try to think positive.
  4. that picture in your sig makes me want to punch you in the face every time i read one of your threads.

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  5. Unfortunately MJ increaces your bloodpressure and causes paranoia. Those are well known side effects of smoking. As for passing out I don't know man. Maybe try not smoking so much? try smoking a different strain?
  6. Ret3p^
    Whats wrong with my sig?
  7. I have always been of fan of listening to my body, and if I need to chill out for awhile then so be it.
  8. Stop smoking. ;)

    What do you care more about, your health or getting high? At least go see a doctor.
  9. I used to get paranoid all the time when I first started smoking. To make it go away you kinda just have to accept everything and roll with the punches. Don't worry about anything and just do everything as you normally would. Smoking some more will help also, at least I find that it helps me.
  10. man i've been smoking for a while now and i never use to get any of this shit plus i smoke a lot even though 3 j's would get me high but i still like to smoke over the limit plus smoking helps me with sleep i cant sleep unless i have like 0% energy in my body

    but about roll with the punches Thank you :) thats the right thing to do

    but about fainting?

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