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  1. so i got caught high at school. no possesion or anything. anyway the school made me go to a psychiatrist. i had to see him 3 times before i could go back. on the second 2 hour session he decided i have extreme anxiety. anyway he got me excused from school for the rest of the year. (i can still attend graduation or just have my shit mailed to me). i dont have to go to work or anything. cant smoke for another week. (still have to get drug tested one more time) and shit just sucks. i thought it would be the shit to not have to do anything. but its boring as hell. so what did you all do after your senior year to stay entertained? im hoping shit will get better when my friends finish school.
  2. Big should have never admitted you were high. Just say you're tired or something would have been fine
  3. definately.
  4. Maybe his anxiety prevented him from thinking on the spot.
  5. You can't get caught high, I'm sorry. Eyes are red? You have allergies. They can't disprove that, especially now when everyones getting allergies from everything blooming. Unless you're retarded high, like "duuuuuude i am soooo hhiiiighhODGU", then you never had to admit to being high.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - NOW YOU FUCKED UP[/ame]
  7. [ame=]YouTube - U done fucked up[/ame]
  8. lmao. how did i fuck up?
  9. admitted you were high. deny deny deny. they have no proof.
  10. How did you get caught exactly? lol

    Maybe you need the dismissel? You may actually have some mental problems, sorry.
  11. Some of you guys are dicks, just saying, his situation fucking sucks right now and all you guys do is tell him how badly he fucked up. Obviously he understands that now, i doubt he needs all you guys to remind him of that...

    Anyways OP, get netflix. Shit's awesome. And go out with your friends who aren't studying for finals and get fucked up and party. Or try and find new chicks or some shit and talk to them and make them feel all good and pretty and then get them drunk and fuck them. A week is definitely enough time to do that.
  12. it doesnt bother me that i admitted it. i just hate that everyone i hung out with goes to school everyday. i get to just say fuck it to 4 months of school. and still get credit for it.
    and learn to spell dismissal before you say im fucked in the head. i have severe anxiety because i am always around some one or some shit that stress's me out. i guess that makes me retarded? your a fuckin Einstein.
  13. thanks bro. + rep.

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