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  1. Am I the only one that feels like if Ron Paul doesn't win the elections, something big is going to happen? Not by the government, but by the people.
  2. Well a lot of people have been reintroduced into the constitution and a bigger portion are turning Libertarian (such as myself) so yes, things are a brewin.
  3. I doubt it. Look at the average person. Few people give a shit. That, or they're too stupid and sign up for or donate money to things like Kony 2012.
  4. I expect to hear a mass 'sigh'. the kind of sigh one gives on the 10th or so visit to a proctologist and asked to relax yet again (as you hear the sound of the lube dispenser being pushed)...

    ya, it should be long and heart felt sigh...and the moans of those not getting lube will be drowned out by the sigh...ya, things will be different this time...

    GO DC!

    I for one welcome the apathy of the masses as the nation is anal raped with sand covered baseball bats yet again!



  5. What does Kony 2012 have to do with anything? First, that subject was brought up by a random individual who had no affiliation with the government. We are talking about something that directly affects a nation, not a small group of individuals.
  6. Nothing happened when he lost in 2008, i feel like we were worse off in 2008 but who knows. The past is just a prologue.

  7. xpixiex was using Kony 2012 as an example of something that stupid people donate money to. He/she was not endorsing Kony 2012 by any means, but was in fact, doing the opposite.
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    You said something big might happen if Ron Paul loses.

    I said I was doubtful, then went on to say that some people are stupid and gave an example of people supporting stupid things. If you want another example, people were supporting Obama in 2007-08 for apparently 1 reason. That reason was "change."

    [ame=""]Boondocks Season 3 Clip: Wil.I.Am feat Thugnificent - "Dick Riding Obama" - YouTube[/ame]

    Although it would be interesting if something does happen, I am doubtful.
  9. Hey, that just proved what people thought of Bush and his administration.
    We were conned.
  10. The thing that pisses me off more then anything (well not more then anything but you get my point) is what happened to all the Bush haters? When Bush is in power the Gov. can do no right, but when Obama gets in and does all the same shit he is applauded. Anyone who liked Bush era policies should like Obama policies since he is just continuing most the same ones.
  11. Nothing will happen.

    Nothing will change.

    The TV will tell Joe that the election was fair and square.

    Joe will raise his Stars and Stripes flag and be a good obedient American.

    Joe is happy in the knowledge that he has his gun and "freedoms".
  12. When gas hits $6.00 - $7.00 per gallon and jobs get even harder to find, then people will start getting angry.

    But what scares the shit out of me is the solution that they will come to. I see them calling for more government, "the right kind" :rolleyes:. They have been filter fed history and are stupefyingly ignorant about what goes on around them, much less the world.

    Take some NOT all of the "Occupy Wall-street" crowd for example. They say that they are against corruption, bankers, and massive corporations; yet they support Obama over Paul.
    Republicans will say that they like Paul on everything except foreign policy, so they will take someone like Romney. Even though they agree with more of Paul's views, they are trained to be scared of the boogeyman so they will beg the state to keep them safe.

    Unless we can get people who have been lied to their whole lives to see just that, then the only thing that will happen is more government.

  13. It is possible. It is extremely excruciating and tedious, but possible. It took me about 4 years(Ron Paul helped a lot) but I have opened the eyes of a few of my buddies.
  14. Hopefully the fires of conflict will consume us, and our Republic can be reborn.

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