After your seed sprouts question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by aeagle02, May 28, 2009.

  1. Ok so ive been germianting for 4 days now and i saw a sprout come out at 3 days.

    Should i keep it in the damp towels?

    and when do i know when to move it to a cup with soil in it?

    Does the sprout have to be a certain lenght in order to plant in soil.
  2. its best to plant it as soon as you see the tip of the taproot, this limits the chances of any damage being done to it.
    does the sprout have to be a certain length in order to plant in soil? no, get in the soil as soon as you see your seed is viable.
  3. You can plant it as soon as the tap root emerge. That being said you can also let it keep germing till it even sprouts its first leaves. But there is a good chance the tap root will root if let out germing too long. I usually wait till their about half the length of my big finger. When you plant it make sure the tap root is pointing down and plant it about seeds depth, also fill the container to the top with soil.

    Good luck on the younglings. If you need any help fee free to hit me up bro peace. :smoking:
  4. Agreed with the others, you want to pretty much put the seed in soil as soon as the seed pops open. Light is harmful to the roots!!

    The seed will more than likely still sprout once the seed pops, it will take differing times for the sprout to actually pop up, but to keep damage to the root through both light and handling, you want to put the seed in soil immediately after the outer shell pops.

    Also, make sure to not make contact with the taproot. Use some disinfected tweezers to ensure proper transplanting of the seed.

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