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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skunkmonkey, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. i am on my first grow i put my buds in the loft. they smell like skunk but when they are dry they smell of cut grass y please help
  2. i dont know what is

    but put your bud in a jar, and leave it in a dark cool place, or in the frige.. just make sure is in a dark place in a air tight jar, and open the jar for 1 or 2 hours everyday.. after 2 weeks or a month, smell will improve, high, and tase will improve..
  3. thanx for that a loft is the space above the house or u might know it as the attic .i dont think i can last as long as a month need to smoke
  4. take out as much bud as you need for a month and slow cure the rest, quickly dry the months supply with a desk fan, etc... so you've got a supply for now, while the rest of your harvest cures... ;)
  5. hi skunk monkey read ur post
    laughing out loud
    ive been growin mine for 9 months and theres been times i just wanted to pull it out the pot and stick it in a banger
    but like the old saying goes


    so just bite u r tongue and wait it out itl be worth it

    my mate is drying out some buds and the smell the babes
    and will be ready for xmas weeeeeeeeehhhaaaaaaaaa

    cant wait c ya all in puffers paradise
    s s s

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