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After psychological problems induced by Weed, i want to toke up again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DonSteffa, Feb 7, 2014.

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    First of all, i was a very excessive toker when i was around 17, 8 joints a day with my mates, we would go to some coffeeshops usually (Yes, i am from Amsterdam) until someone we knew got his hands on "Pure ice-o-lator"
    The so called ice-o-later he gave us, was made from THC left overs from scissors that were used to cut Cannabis plants. And this only for 5 bucks a gram. So after 3 months of toking that every day, i got a panic attack, which resulted in Depersonalization & Derealization disorder. (Never heard of this kind of hash ever again.. which raises some questions about the purity)
    So now (4 years later) i want to toke up again, i already did yesterday in small amounts (Barely felt anything), but tonight im stepping it up a bit.
    Im toking up Powerplant, which is always outside grown from the shop i get it, its a nice bud, i already made a spliff. But when im googling i get nervous because according to American weed websites it is a plant known for anxiety as a side effect.
    However this bud im about to smoke up contains around 2% CBD and 15% THC
    Now my question;
    Can you guys give some tips and hints on what to do and what not ?
    So far:
    Im toking at home,
    Got some sugarish soda ready (They say sugar is the cure for a 'bad-trip)
    And at the moment i feel like i'm about to enter a rollercoaster for the first time, nervous.
    Any more hints and tips?
    Another reason im nervous is because my mom sometimes suffer from pseudo-hallucinations.

  2. If a panic attack is the problem, you don't want to be nervous before you get high or your mind could just take you to that place again. Just relax, take deep slow breathes to the bottom of your lungs, and have something to take your attention away from yourself.
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    whats a pseudo hallucination?

    tbh it sounds like youre way too worried.
  4. Keep calm smoke with some friends. What do you do to relax. Do that then smoke and don't think about what could happen .:)

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  5. cball.... here's another one...!
  6. Just smoke dope and don't over think it. Shoot man they call it dope.. Not smart. And they do that for a reason.
  7. yup
  8. Just take two or three hits. Seriously, getting high as f*ck is fun but I find people are surprised how enjoyable just a buzz from bud can be. I usually just do it if I'm going to be in public, but a couple hits makes you feel good and happy, yet no worry about looking high and trying to hide it.
  9. Weird cause I too went under drug induced psychosis a year ago (quit for 6 months). IT WAS NOT MARIJUANA that cause the psychosis, trust me, I was being a fucking idiot at the time but I can't talk about it here. It wasn't permanent either, just too much other shit. But I started smoking again and it's great! Also weird cause I just got an ounce of power plant and I didn't even know the strain existed till a couple days ago haha.

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