After Probation, is there any way they can make me do another DT?

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  1. In late October, I was sentanced to six months probation for something I'd rather not talk about. As part of being sentanced with probation, I was asked to do a drug test. I failed for marijuana use. As of recently, due to very good behavior, working very hard at community service, and just basic ass kissing, I was told that once I pay off my remaining court fines, and pass one more drug test my case will be closed. My question is this- after I pay off whatever and my case is "closed" is there any way afterward they could call me in to take another? Or is the closing of the case final and thats that? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, if it helps, the drug test the probation officer uses is a white plastic card that she puts into the urine. I also would like to know if they are legally allowed to say that I'm "off probation" but really be lying to see if I smoke pot that day and call me in afterward to take a DT. That probably sounds idiotic, but I'm paranoid. I just wanna smoke some pot. Also, I'm sorry in advance if this is in the wrong forum.
  2. Once you finish the CS and pay the fines and take the test you will go back before the judge one last time with proof that all those requirements were met and he or she will declare your case closed and swing the hammer. When you hear that hammer hit the desk you are a free man and have no further obligations to the court meaning they cant ask you for anything else including another piss test.
  3. Heres the thing. I just got back from there. They gave me a whole bunch of paperwork and it said on one of the papers " IT IS ORDERED THAT THIS REQUEST TO TERMINATE COURT JURISDIICTION IS GRANTED" or something along those lines. It is also followed by a signature/stamp. The probation officer also said something along the lines of "Alright, you're closed. Stay out of trouble, and I dont want to see you back in here unless it's to say hello or something.". Sounds to me that the deed is done. What do you think?

    Also, those sneaky, clever, sly bastards up there tried to pull a fast one on me, I think. Luckily, I'm sneaky, clever, and sly as well. They gave me all the paperwork, took my payment, and "set me loose". However, halfway to my car I realized they never DT'd me. So, I walk back to the office and say "You forgot to test me".

    "Oops. You're such an honest guy. Here ya' go."

    They were gonna play it off like they forgot to test me and call me back in a couple days later. Thinking that by that time I would've smoked again.
  4. i didn't read any of the posts so bear with me.

    they don't give a shit about you after you get off probation.

    you do have to wait for your release papers tho. they'll come in the mail.

    i got off in november and i still haven't gotten mine.

  5. Then you're of no help, sorry. Please read the posts and THEN reply.
  6. well did the judge and the p.o. sign the paperwork?
  7. You should be good.
  8. Yeah, you are all good. Enjoy your herb man:smoke:

  9. Yes, indeed.
  10. I read all the posts and you're definitely all set. Toke up homie

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