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After plants flower, do they grow more?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Dreeker, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Say i stop 22/2 cycle after the plant is about 2.5-3 ft tall, and i start 12/12 cycle, will the plant grow, and if so, aproxx how much
  2. wha?? dont understand your answer THC101, im just stoned though so its just probably the fact my brain cells are doin the happy dance.

    Anyway, from the beggining of flowering, to the end of flowering, the plant will DOUBLE in height from what it was when it entered flowering.

    So if it was 3 ft tall when you went 12/12, it'd be approximetley 6 feet tall at the end of flowering.
  3. i believe the best way to reveg a plant from 12/12 after you harvest most of the buds put it under 24hrs otherwise it has a hard time turning around,,,,i tried under mh for 18hrs and it died so i would say 24hrs floros to help to get the plant growing again good luck
  4. It all depends on your light setup. I use fluoros,32 watts ft to veg. It takes 8 weeks to get them to 26 inches. Then they go into the flowering chamber which has only 26.6 watts per square foot. They grow 2 inches a day for 10 days. Why ,I flower with MH.I want to add a HPS soon. I have also been cloning off of flowering stock for 4 crops. I have a 4th generation clone and 5th generation clone growing right now. I haven't seen any difference in the quality of the weed between crops.Mind you I don't use this as breeding stock.Just to smoke.
  5. When you harvest, clip each bud off individually, leaving the very base of the bud intact. Keep the plant on the 12/12 light cycle and it will regrow the buds you clipped, only smaller. When I started out growing indoor, my grow partner brought over a mexican sativa that he had been doing this to for years, under continous flowering. The buds were only the size of marbles, but it gave us something to smoke while we waited for the first batch of clones to finish.
  6. Thanks for the tip. That's amazing. I am going to try that...:hello:

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