After planting germinated seeds "Help"

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  1. Should I have my fans running inside my grow box.

    Should I have the lights 12/12 or even on at all in my grow box.

    I just planted the germinated seeds stem down in the soil.
  2. Why would you put your lights to 12/12? Did you do any research at all, or did you just google "how to germinate a seed" and now you're stuck on what to do next?
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    Naa dude keep lights on 24/7 until you put it outside or wanna flower indoor, when you want to flower ya plant, THEN switch to 12/12.. do a little more research man & browse around, read a little bit about growing..
  4. yes, as stated above ... 12/12 is for flowering, you must veg before flower. 24/0 or 18/6

    as for your fans, just use them to circulate air at this point
  5. i laughed
  6. Lol.

    I already did the paper towel crap and got the seeds to germinate. Then I put them in the soil cells. Got the soil wet after I planted the germinated seeds point down.

    I find tons of information but I can't seem to put it all together. (everything is split up into 500 different links)
  7. For instance there was a few guides of planting germinated seeds.

    Planting the stem up out of the dirt and seed down.
    Planting the stem down in the dirt and seed under the dirt. (Seed under the dirt)
    Planting the stem down in the dirt and seed above the dirt. (Seed above the dirt)

    which one is it :/
  8. you should have wet the soil before putting the seed in, but you'll still be ok.

    put some plastic wrap on top of each cup until you get the first set of real leaves
    make sure they have enough light - you can't have too much light
    don't water unless you have to for a week - the plastic wrap should keep it pretty moist in there as long as you got the soil good and wet
    sure keep the fan on, best thing to do now is try out positions and what not, get your space perfect for the long haul
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    This is what im working with. Runs at around 80 degress. Got two fans running for exhaust up top and holes for intake so I don't create a bad pressure. Runs at around 80 degress. Seeds are above soil and stems are down in damp soil. And I did wet the soil before I put them in the soil. sorry
  10. i dont know... i've never heard about leaving the seed above soil

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