After phosphorus deficency, I just removed all fan leaves, is it correct ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Elegancy, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a new grower, I set up a micro grow tent few months ago, and started with a Critical Mass feminized seed.

    The first month everything was cool, and the plant seems to be growing fast and healthy. Last week, I began to saw some dark spots on lower fan leaves, and the color began to move from green to soft yellow. I thought at the beginning that it was Septoria, but after researches, I learned that it was nutrient deficiency.


    The problem is that I cut almost all fan leaves (except two), thinking that it was a fungi, and that the only solution is to remove them all. I've done that the 5th week of veg.

    IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0821.JPG

    Now I want to know, in your opinion, if my plant will survive under this condition, and if it will flower or not.


    Thank you so much,

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  2. It'll be fine I wouldn't flower for awhile. I'd feed or transplant into a larger pot
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  3. I agree as long as its green let it live!!! Those red stems mean something, unless its genetic.

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  4. Thanks guys, you're giving me hope.

    It's my first try, on a photoperiodic strain. I think that I will go for an auto for my next grow.
  5. Bad idea until you can grow a photoperiod to harvest without complications. A auto will flower around day 30, any set back will ruin a autoflower grow.
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  6. From what I can see, I suspect waterlogging and pH problems, but also lack of phosphorous.
    Your media doesn't have any perlite in it; if you pot up (ie. transplant to larger pot), please include ~1/3 of the volume as perlite. This will allow better drainage and better aeration of the roots.
    A pH of the water/fertilizer solution you are feeding, as well as the runoff would be very useful.
    oh and welcome to the forums @Elegancy
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  7. for my (K).def plants I throw a handful of clean river sand on the pot, fungi in the soil attaches to the mini rocks, and suck the (K) out believe it or not?
    then passes it to the canna rootlet that sucks it to the mainstem, in exchange the fungi gets some nice (N) it can't do itself, from the canna plant.
    you are almost right, but at this stage of your grow, things can go wrong real fast,
    the next time you suspect, tell the forum first, right now get you PH tool out and take reading no ph tool use pool stripes $5.00 from your local 7-11

    good luck

    ps Im an organic grower
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  8. Fuck autos.
  9. Just bought a PH pen to keep tracking my osmosis water.

    @GroBuddy ok mate, I will consider growing photoperiod strains for a moment, until harvest, before moving or trying autos.

    @trojangrower your analyze is sooo accurate, I had all 3 issues that you mentioned, and I learned the lesson.
    Thank you so much for the tip, I will buy some perlite :)
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