After Nine Years I'm Quitting...

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    I have decided to finally attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. If anyone has any tips or what please share them. I have been getting non-stop sick for the last month or so... Colds, Flus, and right now i have a sinus infection.

    Wish me luck. I will be smoking my last cigarette at 11:55 pm tonight.
  2. Gum and nug, my friend.... gum and nug..

    Good luck!
  3. good luck bro
    more power to you
  4. ecstasy?

    i can't smoke a stoge for the life of me the next day
  5. take multi vitamins. They help with withdrawal.

    Good luck.:hello::hello::hello:
  6. Good luck and have fun

  7. What? Why? Usually people love smoking when they are tripping/bugin/high
  8. i hope it works out for you man

  9. well, yeah while u r peaking it's no-stop stogies

    but the day after, i smoke a cig and i just get sick

    and i usually don't until the NEXT day (the second after i thizz) when i start fiending

  10. i know all about the peak-fiend bromosexual.

    I think this is gonna be hella hard for me due to the length i have been smoking, and everyone i live with/hang out with smoke. I have 7 cigarettes left in this pack and i'm done.

    I'am going out tonight to get some trees, so that when i need to smoke a stog, i will just fire up a fat bowl.

    Thanks for your support everyone.
  11. well, good luck!

    u gunna need it
  12. It's all mental man, just remember that.

    Just focus all your willpower into remembering just how bad cigs are for you, and believe that you are a strong person and can do this.
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  14. Thanks brosef.

    I think i can do it. My "dosage" was one pack of Marlboro Reds a day. Sometimes a pack and a half. I've decided if i give into temptation and return to smoking i will smoke lights. I know that it's not much of a difference but my asthma cannot take this any longer.
  15. get a zip of schwag, and smoke joints or stuff empty cigs to simulate the feeling i guess, a buddy i know did that..

  16. yeah but i don't smoke schwag. Although im thinking of getting on Chantix. i just did the math and..

    Money i can save in one year: $2281
    three years: $6843
    five years: $11496
  17. that sounds like it could help. good luck no matter how you go about it!
  18. yeah im gonna attempt to quit smoking tommorow. good luck man
  19. Whoever said gum and nug was right :D

    Good luck. it isn't easy :mad: I'm going through it myself right now.

    The nicotine gum really helps with the cravings-- you do it kinda like dip and it makes your gums tingle :eek:

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