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after nearly a decade of blazing, I quit, Monday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zappa Phan, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So yea, my first quit day was Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday went by well enough, a little will power and it wasn't a big deal. Wednesday night though, I didn't sleep a wink. Passed out maybe 2 hours Thursday afternoon, and another 2-3 hours Thursday night. Anyone have any idea how long this insomnia lasts? It sucks pretty bad.
  2. I don't know man...I never sleep well until I start smoking the bud again, but I used to have real bad ADHD, then I start self medicating with weed...if I don't smoke for awhile I guess the ADD comes back and makes me restless or something. Some guys here told me to get sleeping pills, I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but I'm thinking of trying it maybe you should too?
  3. smoke a little bit to get it in your body. I'm not so sure going cold turkey is the right way.
  4. why are you stopping?
  5. yea bro, gradually stop.....

    smoke once every few days, and then keep distancing sessions a little at a time, then stop.....

  6. weed is negatively effecting my financial situation and the two classes I'm taking this summer have heavy homework loads. I know some people say weed doesn't effect learning, but personally, i can't study when I'm high.
  7. word about the cash situation. i have NOOO money even tho i dont work alot i still spend it all on pot. cant wait till i get my own place so i can grow 20 fuckin plants in my garage and not have to buy shit
  8. Yo man, I'm also in college with next to nothing for weed money. What I do is pretty much never smoke during the day, never before class or doing homework. I only smoke a bowl, maybe two at night and just chill.

    When I run out, I never can fall asleep and it really drives me crazy. I'm lucky though because I've just started not caring about it and staying up until I get tired (3-5 am)...I have afternoon and night classes so this works for me.
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    I respect your decisions for not smoking, it takes a lot to stop doing something you really enjoy.

    As for going to sleep, you just have to tough it out, after about a week or two you will be completely fine. I suggest to everyone that doesn't already smoke within an hour before bed to not start, it is hell when you have to stop. (physical withdrawals imho)

    If you don't have an addictive personality, you could try taking sleeping aids, but you don't want to become addicted to them.

    I would also try exercising right before bed, you get your heart rate up really high then it just drops and you get tired because your heart is beating as fast, and getting less oxygen to your brain. (I think this is what makes you tired after getting high, don't quote me though, this is just my mental beliefs, I don't have any evidence but will try to find some right now).

    EDIT: I found some information on the "burnout" and it is stated that the cbd in cannabis is what causes you to become sleepy when you come down from your high.

    source of information:
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    exercise before bed is an awful idea. working out at some point during the day and eating a healthy diet does help with sleep patterns. but working out right before bed will keep you up forever, unless you are totally exhausting yourself, which also isn't good.

    and weed has no physical withdrawal symptoms, because it isn't physically addicting.
  11. Yeah I'd say just gradually work your way down to where you smoke to like once a week then 2 weeks ya know? then just stop.
  12. If you use a small amount of herb in the evening to sleep, that will have far less bad side effects than what a doctor will prescribe. Sleep onset apnea is very common, and doctors will usually prescribe a sleeping medication of some sort.

    Marijuana side effects:

    Ambien side effects:
    liver damage with continual use
    sleep walking/driving (danger fairly obvious)
    in some instances DEATH.

    What would a sensible person use?
  13. ya when i read wieght gain as a side effect from ambien i thought it just made u put on lbs b/c of the chemical or something. actually its cause u eat meals in ur sleep:eek: ima stay away from ambien
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    Thx to everyone who replied. Just woke up after about seven hours of sleep. Took one Benadryl and it got me sleepy enough to go to bed. Hopefully that corrected my sleep rhythm and tonight it will be easier to go to sleep w/o it. Last thing i'd want to do is replace one drug with another, so I probably won't take one tonight.
  15. When i cant sleep on a t break or whatever i take valarian root. Its a herb you can find in pill form in the health section at almost any store or walmart. I take a couple and it helps you fall asleep but you never get that sleepy drugged feeling, and wake up totally refreshed.

  16. Learn to lucid dream. It will be easier now that you quit weed. B-vitamins and melatonin will help you get to sleep and dream very vividly. These can be bought at a gnc or other places that sells vitamins.
    But yeah, learn how to lucid dream tho. Its real fun to do anything in your dreams
  17. Melatonin = Nightmares
  18. Could also mean easier lucid dreaming.
  19. i recently got busted by my parents, so ive had to stop smoking cold turkey. surprisingly i have not had too much trouble falling asleep. in the past it would take at least an hour or two or four for me to fall asleep if i didnt toke before bed. damn i want to smoke though, id rather take a voluntary break from weed than a forced one anyday. as i am sure everyone else would... :eek:
  20. Aw, man we lost another one!?

    No, just kidding. I've know about the insomnia when you are either trying to kick or when you are involuntarily doing without. It sucks.

    Try reading a book or take some homeopathic sleep aids. They may help. Warm baths before bed help to because it relaxes your muscles.

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