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After many years away, just setting up for my first real grow. :)

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by HelizReefsBudz, Sep 8, 2017.

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    My chosen grow media. I will not be amending it with anything except maybe s touch of dolomite. Dunno though, havent read enough ro completely understand why people do that sometimes. I have a PH meter, a TDS/PPM, an EC and a NaCl meter on the way so I can hopefully track how good my nutrient mix is and also the condition of my runoff as well.
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    Cleaning everything with H2O2. Have a bottle of 30% food grade I found after the fact, but ill use up the 3% first.
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    Nursery. :)
  4. Tie dye shirts wifey, the boy and I made just for fun. Seemed fitting. :)
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  5. First light up and fired in the room. :)
  6. Food grade buckets that need lots of drilling for grow pots, some with lids for nutrient mix though.
  7. There, finally got some pics uploaded. Uggh, took me a bit to figure out how the forum here handles that sort of thing. Hopefully they are visible to everyone?
    Got quite a bit done on my room today. Just have one more light to hang, the grow pots to put together, need to affix a mounting board to the outside of the room to mount the ballasts to. Thinking if I can get the heat load from them outside the room its just one less thing I have to cool. 90% of the Reflectix is applied, just have to finish a couple patches near the exaust fan filters near the ceiling and cover the floor. Im thinking every bit of reflective light I can get will be good? Especially on the sides and underneath the plants?
    Then I have to install the BlackHat insulated reflective zipper door and figure out a storage solution for the nutrients, sensors, various grow room specific tools and other things.

    I have really been eyeing the sunglasses that correct for the lighting spectrum so it looks normal in there when running the HPS and MH bulbs. Anyone here tried them? They have a pair at my local hydro store, but they are something like $50. Are they even worth it? Im thinking maybe some especially when its flowering time so I can better see what going on, but geeshe, $50 really? Is there a cheaper option or am i just creating crap to buy in my head because I think I need it?
    So, I want us to have 12 flowering plants total. Is that too many for an 8x8 room? Im going to germinate 18 regular seeds and hope I can get that many females? Ive been reading up on adjusting your grow environment to promote the growth of females, but im still worried about getting a bunch of males. Ugggh. ;/ Well, its getting late so I guess this is enough for now. Thanks for the good will everyone, im super excited and now that progress is really moving forward its starting to feel real. :)
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  8. Looks like you are well on your way... your intake is through a char filter from out side?? I got a pair of those glasses from Apollo on amazon made for LED lights for $14... I can't say they correct the light to look natural the only way I can see my plants to look natural is to take it out of the tent and view them in regular light.

    As far as how many plants for an 8x8 I can't say I am trying 3 plants on my 3 X 3 but I am sure a lot of it will have to do with how big you let your plants get and different strains bush out more than others, the pros will chime in here and be able to tell you more on that...
  9. The intake, or "make-up air" (what we call it in the construction field) is coming from the basement. Although we keep the basement pretty stable temp and humidity wise, i wanted to pass it through a carbon filter to catch any mildew or mold that may live down there. I am also piping up an 8" line that goes directly outside with a damper so if need be i can close off the basement intake and draw fresh air from outside.
  10. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this thread
  11. Well, ran a dry test today of sorts. I still have a bit more intake work on the tent and hood to do, so it may change things a bit? Lights firing on 100%, air being pulled from the basement at about 79-80° resulted in about 90° max in the tent after 2 hours of run time. A bit warm for my taste, but that being said, the ambient temp of the air coming in was quite high, much higher than it will normally be. So, i am running fans to bleed the heat out of the basement, then turning on the AC to cool the space down as a whole. With those numbers in mind, if I get the ambient down to 68-70 and bump up the fans a bit it should hopefully land around 75-80° max in the grow room at full power with both lights? Ill find out tomorrow. The temps usually run much cooler down there anyways, and soon ill have fall and winter on my side for some natural cooling power, so this test today represented a worst case scenario with a heat saturated basement, no cool air from outside and no AC running. Not bad I guess for an 8x8 space with 2000 watts of HID and ballasts running i guess?
  12. A quick note though, humidity was a pretty solid 50% all day as well in the room.
  13. Just to say no point having anything reflective on the floor/under the plants they only absorb from the top of the leaf. I am loving your setup. Wish i had that much room to play with. Just wondering why you didnt go LED? Could have helped a great deal with heat and AC costs etc.
  14. Looks like everything is going well on your grow room. Have you seen the dust shroom air filter? I got a 6" one to filter air intake and it works great. They are a bit pricey though but I found a used one on Amazon...
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    I totally intend on going with LED. The LED system I have chosen involves me building it, which will save some money, but that being said even DIY'ing it the cost is immensely higher than going with HID fixtures and i have AC anyways so... :/ just a quick run through the numbers... 24 Cree CB3590's are almost $1000, then another $600 for heatsinks and on top of that $400ish for Meanwell drivers. Then I need a couple 4x4 aluminun frames to mount everything to and those will be $200-300.. :/ Without adding in lenses, reflectors, wire etc etc it $2,200- $2,300. I have a fraction of that into my HID setup..
    I undersrand there are other options out there, but these are what id like to go with as they pump out some serious light power and have a broad range of spectrum available, so im going to have to keep saving to build them.. Doing it the way I am gets me growing now, and not 2 years from now. Plus, HID is definitely tried anf true, so maybe good for my first time?
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  16. Oh, and as to the reflective insulation on the floor, it is much less about reflecting light and more about creating a completely light/mold/air sealed room. I dunno if you have worked with reflectix, but the metal tape for the seams bonds insanely well when it is going from reflectix to reflectix. It'll bond to sheet poly as well, but not even remotely as strongly.
    We use alot of high performance tapes, aerosol spray glues, plastics and other things at work for containment jobs. Say i have a job to perform in a working hospitol, you would run containment and employ negative pressure techniques and over the years ive picked up some tricks from alot of the Sub Contractors.
    Apparently I got a good seal on the room as even with an 18×18" intake and a slit where the door is going , the negative pressure was lifting the floor up about a foot off the concrete till i rolled out the Reflectix and put a weight in the middle. :/ The plastic & Reflectix walls are stapled to the studs that frame the room with Gorilla tape laid over the first staples then stapled again through the Gorilla tape to strengthen the fastening system. Point being, that keeps the walls and ceiling from collapsing but the floor is just resting on the concrete so it isnt as resilient until the plants are in there.
    There may also be a touch of light around the edges of the canopy that reflects back up towards the top of the tent again, but im sure its quite minimal?
    Forgive me if my post is run-on or incoherent..... I still havent had enough coffee yet lol
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  17. Hmm, havent seen that one. I purchased a roll of activated carbon filter fabric/cloth awhile back and ran 3 layers of it for my static intake. I did that because all of the carbon tube filters i looked at were big, expensive and very restrictive to the airflow so I would have had to upsize the cooling fans substantially. I have my fans pretty low now, id say it swaps the air in the room once every 3-4 min?
    That filter you linked, is it carbon impregnated foam? Does it slow down the intake air at all?
    When i designed my cooling system, i wanted to go with a lower velocity higher volume system and use osscilating fans to blow on the plants that I can adjust and control at will for more radiational cooling and stem health. Im trying to keep the inline fans moving as slow as i can to cut down on energy usage as well as noise. They are mounted to the floor joists and when i have them full blast, you can totally hear it in the kitchen in the floor above. :/ As it sits now, i have the speed set very low which is only burning a few watts of electricity and they are silent. I would certainly like to increase the filtration of the make up air if possible though, without having to run the exaust fans much higher.
  18. The dust shroom is a foam filter like putting a K&N filter on you car it is washable and will last for ever it does not seem to restrict air flow I love it works great buy it once and all done....

    The Horti-Control Dust Shroom is a reusable foam filter designed to keep dust, bugs, mold and even bacteria out of indoor gardening areas and air cooled reflectors. This revolutionary product will keep your air cooled reflectors dust free and keep mold and harmful bacteria out of your garden. Simply install this filter on your incoming air duct. ; Zero CFM loss; Antimicrobial and antibacterial; Washable and reusable; Filters debris down to .1 micron; Manufactured by UNI Filter in the USA.
  19. Nice! I will definitely look into that! I really wamt to keep fan noise to a minimum if possible. As notes above, the fans are mounted to the floor joists and if i have to crank them up you can really heat it upstairs, and seeing that the whole family comes over to our house for thanksgiving, id like to not have to explain what the constant roaring noise in the basement is. Lol
  20. Lmao, i think thats why a lot of people suspend their fan. Like myself i have a 1000cfm 8 inch inline that is suspended on two ropes that makes zero vibration. Can be up full and you wouldnt know it was there.

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