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after making BHO?........

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by uhmmyea, May 19, 2010.

  1. can you still smoke the bud and get stoned? or is it just pretty much dead?
  2. I would say NO. or at least Dont do it!

    But, a friend of mine, made some Iso hash, and let the nugs dry out for a week, and then smoked them! and he said he got high.

    Im not saying it WILL work, but its been done... at least with alcohol

  3. why not do it tho??
  4. Well, I cant get real techy cuz I dont know all the words but...

    Your coating your buds with butane. I see 2 things wrong with this.

    1. the butane is supposed to take the thc off the herb, so why would u want some THC-less herb?
    2. you just covered all your bud with some gas/liquid shit... how can u feel safe smoking that, even after a week in front of a fan, to me that would be like smoking a nug with mold on it!?

    I dunno man. Check this tho. why dont u just get a kief box, shake your stuff, get the kief, and then BAM you still have perfectly good herb to smoke, just missing some kief...

  5. is that the same as hash?
  6. You do realize butane evaporates right..... Id say it would be safe, but pointless.
  7. Technically? No.

    But people press kief and call it hash so I dunno really...

    I mean, if people do cold water extract and call it hash, that is pretty much the same thing, just with icey water so it probably takes more off then just a 100micron screen or whatever size u would get... but the boxes have different sizes just like bubble bags do (bubble bags = cold water extract)

    So, yes but no, if that makes sense at all?
  8. yeah but unless your sprayin it with like 5x refined shit, do you really know what ur coating the nugs with? I dont...

    Theres some BHO junkies around here... should get there input
  9. I guess that is true, have you ever held your lighter under a glass bowl for about 20 seconds, so much black soot all over it.

    That's why im starting to really hate lighting bowls over and over and just try to stick to cherrying it.
  10. ur buds are done after a BHO run, i doubt your gonna be able to evaporate all the butane from your buds... your already inhaling butane everytime you take a hit from your lighter, let alone bud filled butane..

    but the best type of butane to use on your runs is VECTOR its 5x refined.... i cant wait to get my oil extraction game on... waiting for the blower to hit me back....

    a lot of people will put in semi-whole nugs into their extractor, run a batch, then let the bud dry a little bit, grind it up and do a 2nd run.. then just dump the bud, same way you dump the bud after making cannabutter or cannaoil...
  11. I make/smoke my fair share of BHO. I dont recommend SMOKING the used material. I dont really have much info on it, because I have never even considered smoking the used shit. I just toss it.

    If anything I would put all your used shit in a big bowl or something. Then after u have a bunch saved up re-run butane over that again. It will probably be a small amount of hash, but u MIGHT get something.

    Either way its a waste of time if u ask me. :)

  12. I have heard of this doen exactly the same way. I myself have never done it, but I am sure it would work.

  13. Yeah I've re-run buds a second time and the quality/amount of oil you get is not even worth it, if you pack your toob properly you should get most of the thc extracted on your first run anyways. When I told my buddy I throw out my weed after I make oil with it he insisted I give it to him to smoke, real funny watching him choke out on a hoot I told him was going to be nasty. IMO throw those nugs out if they've been used for making oil.
  14. yea, it might not be worth the waste of butane...
  15. So, its been established.

    Kief box = only way to get somthing, and still have smokable stash (safely)
  16. pretty much DR, and how is the thread coming were only like a page away..

    OP just toss your buds it really is not worth it... youll get some good shit from the bho... double stack a screen and hit that shit.........

  17. I would agree with that.

    I use a kief box to hold ALL of my personal stash. I never shake the box though. That way it slowly builds up GOOD kief and u dont even notice a difference in the buds.

  18. Not to take over the thread, but

    I am trying to get another mod to post it up for me, my pc's being :rolleyes: and wont let me make a new thread...

    Its ready to be done, just needs to be done.

    But, id say this thread is pretty much done anyway

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