After I germinate, and seeds in ground

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by troll mafia, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. I soaked the water and got the seeds germinated with the roots coming down. I put the seeds in about 1/2 inch down into a nice potting soil.

    My question: Should I keep the plants covered with plastic wrap to keep from water getting out? I read this on Germination 420. I have been doing this for about a day now and if it is not right please tell me

    By the way they are under 4 compact fluros 2 giving off 1500 lumens and 2 giving off 1000 lumens
  2. maybe work, i just gently mist the top soil, and wait till it sprouts through the needs no light till it sprouts..........Peace out........Sid
  3. When you put the seeds in the soil after they are sprouted, and you are wiating for them to germinate above ground you are not supposed to have light on them?? I thought you were supposed to leave it on for 24/0.

    Please respond soon, cause I have seeds in the soil now, not yet above te topsoil, and i'm really worried i'm doing it wrong and they never will germinate.

    Thanks a ton...
  4. don't worry, you can have it on if you like, may dry the topsoil a little bit, but it'll be fine...........i only put the light on when they have broken the surface, as the light doesn't get to them under the soil, and it doesn't have any leaves till it sprouts......good luck.......Peace out...........Sid
  5. Like sid said. You don't have to put them under any light until they have broke the surface of the soil.

    Think of it this way. What do plants use to "collect" the light? Their leaves of course! If the plant is below the ground and there are no leaves to gather the light, there is no need for it. Its that simple. ;)

    But you are probably wondering why so many people turn the lights on before they break the surface. The main reason for this is to help keep the planting medium (soil or whatnot) warm. Personally, I have a germination station with a heat mat that keeps the temperature perfect. So I don't need any light to help with the temperature. But the light works to keep it warm too. And if your seeds or planting medium are not warm enough, they will not germinate. Seedling heat mats work better though. They are specifically made to keep the seeds at the perfect germination temperature. They cost anywhere from $12 to $20. Worth every penny if you ask me.
  6. thank you all for the help, and with your advice i have 4 healthy plants that are about 3 inches tall!

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