After I CWE my pills......

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Torque Wrench, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. ..........Can i like pour the remaining powdered water ona tray and let sit to evaporate? If so will i be able to snort the remains? I know its not going to be pure hydrocodone and that some APAP will remain but it cant be too bad. I usually jsut take a little shot after CWE but i would like to try snorting it without most of the APAP. Also i dont have access to OXY atm so that is why i am asking this question. Thanks in advance
  2. anyone? lol i want to dose up soon!!!!!!!

  3. if u wanna dose soon drink the water. cause its gonna take a long time for that to evap.
  4. Ya you can let it evap. It takes a couple days though. But youll be left with a fairly pure powder ~80-90%
  5. Yeah i guess your right. Gonna make me a shot right now! thanks man. Thanks for the percentage man. I was thinking of mabye refiltering the dried powder to try and make it a little more pure, but really i dont mind 90% because i wont be snorting that often so i doubt snorting 10% APAP at most 1 time weekly will cause any major damage. Any more info will be nice on a good way to refilter the dry powder. Thanks guys

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