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After hours of research.... HELP needed for lighting kit

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Johhnyblaze44, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Iv been reading/learning on these forums for about a month now and i decided i wanted to set up a grow tent. Im getting the agromax grow tent which is 4x4x6.5. Im growing with soil with seeds from nirvana. Im having trouble picking between two different lighting kits. I want to grow with 600w hps set up. After all the reading and searching these were the best two kits i found within my price range

    A. Apollo 600 watt kit Apollo 600Watt Electronic Dimmable Ballast and 6'' Duct Cool Tube Reflector Hydroponic Combo w/ HPS+MH Bulbs and rope ratchet +Timer: Everything Else

    B. iPower 600 watt kit iPower GLSETX600DHMAC6 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System for Plants - Air Cooled Hood Set: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    Which one is the better buy?? :cool:

    Thanks for all the help and everyone else who gave tips

    Johhny B :smoking:
  2. I'd go the apollo, the 600w hps system does 1 square yard or meter very well, look into the options that the tent maker has to offer some are cool indeed

    to my blog and look up the library

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