After growing, what do I smoke?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StoneJoe, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. I know this sounds really stupid, but Im growing some feminised Dutch plant indoors, and I was just wondering....

    When the plant has flowered, how to I then go on to smoking?

    I udually buy my shit off the streets and have no real experience with plants!

    So basically.....

    Do I smoke the buds? And how?

    Can I just trim the leaves, dry em off and get a pure smoke off those without having to use tobacco? If so, when is the right time to take the leaves off?

    As you can tell I have 0% experience, your help is needed please.

  2. Hey Stone Joe

    I separate the leaves & trimmings from the bud..Dry the bud out for a few days..Then I take the trimmings & leaf that are now dry, an I make bubble hash..It kicks ass..
    You all stay cool an grow big budz!! :D:D
  3. Can you guide me through?

    Lets say the plant is now fully grown......or near enough!

    What do I do?
  4. Can I take the leaves off, trim them down like tobacco and smoke that? I dont really want to use tobacco and Im assuming this would be the purest way to smoke the leaves?

    Can you dry the leaves in an oven?

    What do I do with the buds b4 I can smoke or bong them?
  5. i dont think an oven will really work. I think i'll lose a lot of its potency. not that sure though.
  6. Wow this one's from the vault...I didn't even know Amanita smoked weed.
  7. yeah this is an old skool out.....Sid
  8. I've never heard of drying for 2 weeks??? But whatever works for you!!! I myself trim off all the leaves(garbage) and trim down the leaves on the buds and after all the clipping is done I lay it out on a Window or door screen, bring the Temp up to 80F and on the second day you should be able to take a medium sized bud and snap it and the stem should snap. If the stem doesn't snap then it needs longer, if the small buds stems snap then you can remove them and keep the bigger buds on there. Try to keep good air flow where your drying.
  9. you dry it on your window?....during the day?.......i allways beleived the best method is in complete darkness, upside down to allow all the sugars to sweeten the buds, and done over anything from 2-4 weeks, with good air circulation........don't you find it too dry and crumbly?.......Peace out........Sid
  10. hahah I take the screen off a window or door and put it across to boxes(yes in a dark , circulated room) and that way it drys from the top to the bottom. I'v hung them and it makes no difference I find. My weed isn't dry at all, you just need to watch it and take the smaller stuff out when it's dry.
    I couldn't stand waiting 2-4 weeks, I'll almost be half way through growing my next crop in 4weeks. Crank the heat and watch it, I bet my stuff is the same as yours is when it's done.
  11. aghhh got you have to remember i'm in the u.k......i've only ever seen those screen doors on don't get half the annoying flying insects that you's do.........i had pictures of you drying it right behind a window!! i prefer to dry at room temp over a longer period of time....but then again i only grow for personal use.....if i were selling then i'd dry them faster if need be........i also cure for approx another 2 weeks on top of that.....mmmmmm.....yummy buds.......Peace out.......Sid

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