after germinating and putting seeds in soil do they need sunlight?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rickcg76, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi, Im new at this, I germinated 18 seeds, I just put all of them in soil. My question is this, do they need sunligth now? or should I just leave them in the dark warm place until they come out of the soil? please I need some advise for this situation. what are the right steps to this? thank you
  2. Keep them warm but not hot and when they break the surface of the soil is when you want them getting light. When I plant germinated seeds I already have a light going for them. How many I start helps determine what kind of light I use. If just a few then I just use a few 26 watt daylight cfl`s, if a bunch then I got a 100 watt T5 HO grow light I use. I prefer for them to have light the moment they break the soil but thats my preference.
  3. exactly. keep em warm, but light doesn't matter till they pop up

    once they get out, I like keeping them under my t5, running my 4-bulb grid at 2x 2-foot 26w 6000k bulbs at first and working my way up to 4 as the plant gets wider
  4. thank you so much.. so they dont really need ligth until they come out? im not using lamps.. im trying to grow them outdoors.. im in mexico and here the weather is very warm.. what about the sunligth? is the same? no sunligth until they come out? thanks
  5. you can leave it in sunlight, that's fine

    they just don't NEED it
  6. They dont need any light untill they break the surface of the soil. Around here it would be a really late start for outdoors and would get much since their veg time would be quite short. I wouldnt start them in direct sunlight more like in the shade, let them get used to the outdoor weather first then slowly move them into direct sunlight as they start to get bigger and a little more stronger. Around here when starting outdoors with seeds we start around May when it isnt as hot. The most sensitive stage of a plant is the seedling stage.
  7. ok.. thanks for the info. one question, If I want to grow indoors what kind of ligths I need
  8. You can use CFL`s, T5 HO grow lights, LED grow lights or HID lighting such as HPS or MH. The first three mentioned generate less heat, LED`s the least. For large plants I would got with HID lighting, they generate more heat to compensate for but you get larger denser buds and higher yields.

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