After-effects of LSD

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently was looking to find some shrooms for the coming week, but haven't been successful in my search. I may be put in a situation where I'd be able to find LSD instead. I've done mushrooms before, but never tripped on acid, so I had a few questions.

    I've read on many sites that LSD is non-toxic, which is a relief. But I've read on some sites that on rare occasions, it may cause a permanent change in one's vision (trails, blurring, etc). Has anyone experienced this or any other negative long-term effects from use?

    Also, what are the comedown and morning after like? I haven't heard anything about it, but I honestly wouldn't want to feel like crap even for two days after tripping (I don't have that kind of time in the coming week).

    A third question, naturally, is regarding how LSD compares to mushrooms. I consider myself mentally strong and I don't have any predispositions (genetic or otherwise) to mental illnesses. I had an amazing trip on mushrooms and am planning the same for my potential LSD trip. But how do the two experiences compare?
    I realize that experiences vary greatly from person to person, but are there any general differences?

  2. there's a search button for a reason dudeeee:p
  3. First question: I have trails from small amounts of lsd use. It's not annoying its just pretty cool. Adds a certain spice to everyday life. So I would really not categorize it as negative.
    Second question: The comedown isn't really bad or anything. Depending on how much you do you might feel a little zonked for a day after. But usually not. For me as long as I sleep while I comedown I don't feel like my brain has been missing for the past 12 hours. The morning after is usually just really pleasurable and you are likely going to feel euphoric and hopefully a different person in a good way.
    Third Question: The visuals on mushrooms I think for the most part are sporadic and just extremely groovy. LSD its like a fractal overlay is put over your vision so looking at the ground or whatever will just explode into weird dimensional gripping patterns. LSD lasts longer, and I think it's alot better. Plus its definitely better to be on at a concert then on shrooms. Just accept not expect with acid.
  4. dude shrooms are way more intense then fry
    its alot mellower in my opinoin and u laugh alot more n stuff
    there really is no morning after effects or cumdownns

    i see trails here n there even when not trippin and sumtimes when i get super high i feel like im on a acid trip its pretty cool though
    ive dropped acid quite a few times now so in my opinion totally worth it its an amazing experience u kud get nowhere else so i say go for it
    especially if u had a great trip on mushrooms and like the effects
  5. no bad comedowns and its alot easier to handle than shrooms if you take 1 dose
  6. The only real after-effects are you feeling scatterbrained and tired, usually from lack of sleep. Whenever you come down off the trip and can finally get some sleep you will wake up and feel alot better, but it could take a while, acid tends to keep you awake.

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