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After detoxing SWIM randomly smells like pot

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by TheOtherLonleyStoner, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. SWIM has been using pot for 4.5 years heavy HEAVY user smoking about six to 18 bowls in the afternoon and sometimes a couple hits in the morning during the weekdays and on weekends smoking generally nonstop. SWIM had to give up SWIM's recreational habit about 1.66 months ago. SWIM has been detoxing and losing weight but lately SWIM smells marijuana in SWIM's home (SWIM has NO marijuana or paraphernalia in SWIM's home. SWIM's mother (who knows and accepts SWIM's recreational activity) even said she smelled marijuana. No one in the house partakes currently or in the past with the exception of SWIM's past... SWIM wants to know why SWIM smells or maybe even smells like marijuana.Perhaps SWIM's detoxing/ weight loss making SWIM excrete the smell of marijuana? Any one know why or has anyone experienced this?

  2. No need to swim here. You're just smelling it because you either crave it, and smell is the most linked sense to memory... or there is a lingering smell in your place from something in the carpet...walls... could be anywhere. It's not you that smells like pot though
  3. Why do they do that on Drugs forum?
    I never understood 
  4. Sorry, I probably should have been more clear, I have never EVER smoked in this home and all closed are washed heavily and with scent boosters, extra rinse, extended soak, and dried with 3-4 dryer sheets. Just weird like that. I don't really crave pot, I consider my self strong willed as I quit smoking Marlboro Reds for about 3.3 months and after the two weeks of quitting i stopped craving them, and now i don't want them even when sad or extremely pissed or stressed/anxious... but even my mother smells weed. But I really thank you for the quick responses :) 
  5. after a good workout i always reek of mj. an ex gf of mine used to smell like weed anytime she was thinkin hard regardless of whether she had smoked recently or not.
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    Even if you don't mentally crave it, it can still happen. It's happened to me many times, and with other substances as well. It'll come out of nowhere... you just suddenly smell if for a few seconds and it goes away. Or can you keep smelling it for a while? And it actually seems like it's coming from you? I just don't see it possible to be smelling it coming out of you after that long. Anything is possible I suppose. Did you smell it when you first quit as well? Or only lately like you stated?
    Sometimes I still randomly smell a certain something even though I haven't encountered it in years.
  7. Ive noticed that my shoes tend to have a cannabis odor to them. I smoke multiple times a day every day...

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  8. I can smell it for a while, until i mask the scent, it kind of wafts faintly and it just stays, It really does seem like its coming from me its just so weird and I mean how weird is it that my mom smells it too she smoked when she was like 17 a few times, but she told me it scared her and just felt bad she mentioned her heart many times ( and she does currently have heart complications) and I did not smell it when i stopped.
    That is pretty odd. I guess it's still working its way out of your system. I couldn't imagine it going on for much longer though since it's been over 1 1/2 months.
  10. Some forums just dont allow self incriminating posts idk why

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    maybe one of the neighbors are growing and it went into flower without them covering the smell up.
  12. For my biological father it takes 3 months, genetic factor?
  13. Nope, we live on a religious/military-school campus next to a military instillation in a "at-will-employment" state.
  14. you would be surprised the kind of people that grow including religious military types. i mean you live there and smoked up till recently.
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    Sadly I can 100% guarantee that is not the case, I lived with my bio father when i smoked every single time (60 miles away) and all students are drug tested (scheduled every month with random rotations and no prior noticed, and the school does profile its people, and I know of the stoners that were here but there not anymore :/ also just for more clarification our house is connected to the dorm (not ventilation wise, my father (dean of res-life) searches/tears-up the place, house-keeping do the same during the school day...
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    whenever I stop smoking my sweat will smell like bud. Were you sweating or had you been sweating before you smelled it?
  17. SWIM lol. Like you're on a hard drug forum.

    Some forums require users to not be self incriminating to ensure the well being of the users. Code names like SWIM and SWIY are used mostly on hard drug forums.
  18. I don't excessively perspire but when i do everyone in a room will no im sweating by the intense smell of meat, so lets just say what ever i perspire is extremely potent. I kind of have a time release system if you know what i mean, at the end of the day im gonna reek, so i guess gradually perspiring i noticed in the morning even though i showered the previous night before going to bed. My mother noticed torwards 6:30... 
  19. Hmmm. Interesting. Maybe you just smell similar to skunk. Maybe its always been that way and you/ your mother never thought much of it amd wrote it off as the pot smoke. Maybe after a good work out yu smell like weed bc we smells like skunk a lot of the time even if you domt notice it. Is the smell you are currently smelling similar to that of high grade marijuana or low grade(mids)?
  20. Straight up.. A little critter probably died in your house


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