After death?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nurse Langley, May 1, 2013.

  1. WHat do u think happens after death?
    I think couple things:
    1. U wake up. Like from the matrix movie into this other realm.

    2. Ur dead. U just lie in a coffin to rot and since Ur dead I can't think,feel,anything cuz well Ur dead.

    3. And for religious people u go to heaven or hell or w/e u go.

    I think to much when I'm hi lol
  2. for sum1 who thinks 2 much when ur high u dont think much.
  3. It's likely we won't be conscious anymore. We will be returned to the earth and life will go on. No one can say for sure.
  4. Don't know, don't care.
  5. i have a feeling life just starts over idk why...

    like once you die your born again as someone else
  6. Their is proof god is real and he has helped me through a lot. Heaven or hell. Believe it or not but my mother came in contact with him.
  7. Again I'm not forcing my religion in anyone I'm Just stating an opinion
  8. lol ^^^^ i'm high too.

    i think it's just like sleeping with no dreams forever.
  9. Has your mother ever consumed pyschedelic drugs?
  10. How did she come into contact with a "god."
  11. Long story. If you really want to know PM me
  12. Prolly 2
  13. Well you lose consciousness and never regain it.
  14. if life is a journey, death must be the next stage
  15. Soooo your saying god tapped that and your a demi god????
  16. The only purpose of life is to breed and keep our heritage going. Which still is mundane as fuck as we shouldn't even exist. The fact that you're alive is amazing and means you're lucky as hell to be.

    And when you die nothing happens. Everything you did,everything you thought disappears with you. Your brain stops and you can't think and you can't imagine a god or afterlife anymore.

    Remember before you were born? That's how it feels to be dead. You were dead before you were even born.

    Damn... wake and bake got me all philosophical
  17. Your probably reincarnated or the matrix

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