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After a year of smoking chest pains and hard to breathe

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Shon22, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone I hope someone can help me out. I can’t find anything online so here’s my problem:
    I started smoking marijuana in 2018. Started off with just bowl hits then veered of to blunts mainly raw papers and fronto, or just backwoods I have been smoking weed for about a year only, then I started not getting high anymore I thought my tolerance was extremely high so I started smoking even more, but nothing no matter how many blunts I smoked I just didn’t get high then I started having health problems, Atril fibulation, chest pains when I breathe in and out and this wierd pain in my back that does not go away on the right just below my shoulder blade. So I stopped smoking for about a year. Then when I started again I got high but not that much and it was only about 10 mins then wore off. I smoked a little more another day and it feels as it’s hard to breath after a blunt even if I only take a couple of pulls then I start to have anxiety. it’s at the point now that it’s scary to smoke marijuana anymore. I was recently diagnosed with gallstones that I have had since any of my other health problems have started idk if that has anything to do with it or not. Someone please help me with the best knowledge you have on this topic I just want to blaze like I used to I miss actually getting high
  2. Well...look...none of us are going to speak to you as Doctors here.

    I would suggest that you consider having a scan on your lungs though - a friend of mine had similar symptoms of pain related to the high extremes f inhalation and exhalation and a pain behind the shoulder blade...this was from smoking (tobacco) and luckily they found that it was a blood clot inside their lung rather than something worse.
    Now, I'm not saying I think this is even what *you* have...just that no matter what it "is", it's knowledge that could probably benefit you moving forward.

    It sounds like you elevated your use of weed, and blunts what's the amount of tobacco in play here? Just saying it's difficult for me not to see this as a potential contributing factor.
    If you're not getting high at's usually time to give it a rest. Or upgrade your weed - what's the quality of what you've been having? Usually even with a high resistance you get some high.

    Gall stones will not be related from that I'm aware...? Usually they pertain to dietary issues. My wife had them. Sugary drinks. Oily food. Shit like that. Of course sometimes it's naturally occurring, but generally speaking every time I'vbe heard of this one it's been relative to what foods/drinks you consume.

    Another suggestion, and I make this to everyone...consider getting yourself an herbal vapouriser and using that instead. At least until you're straight with what the medical issues may or may not be.
    In my experience, vapourisation is not only a more comfortable process but it also helps clear out your lungs of any congestion...both of these things in my mind, would help you out here - and can actually have an effect that's not just less harmful, but also beneficial.
    Now, it's not going to cure anything which is why I'd still suggest taking it to a medical platform to do all your figuring-out stuff...but I don't see it causing you any harm and all going well, you could leave your lungs in better condition than when you start.

    You want to get high again? Make or buy some edibles.
    I'd steer clear of smoking until you know what's going on with your medical issues.
  3. Thanks so much man I appreciate your knowledge yes I’m going to get that xray the doctors did an cheat X-ray idk if that’s the same thing or not? And I smoked a lot of tobacco with it sometime only tobacco without the papers
  4. Ah. I'd say kill that tobacco then before it kills you, bud.
  5. Homemade edibles man
  6. Will you come over and help me make the capsules?

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