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After a plant flowers does it die always?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DevilRed, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. So im working up to cloning so I have a mamma plant to take slips off this next spring.

    Anyhow, do I need to keep the mamma on like 14+ hours of light so it won't flower all winter?

    Or will it be fine if I let it flower once..........then it goes back to veg state.......or do they die always?

    Thanks man
  2. You can reveg. Though it must be noted potency and yield will drop the more times it is done.

    IMHO a revegged (flowered once) will make a fun mum. More than this your taking a risk strain to strain.

    I've heard people say this strain and that strain are particularly difficult to do but it's all pretty anecdotal.

    In my experience a strong and consistant (the plants not the high) strain that has been around and stable for a while (say an NL # 5 from a reputable seed bank) will be revegable to turn into a lovely bonsai mum. Particularly if the harvested plant has been super cropped and tied meaning there will plenty of cutting sites.

    The plant needs a little TLC after flowering when you change it's photoperiod.

    Almost everyone repots.

    Some trim the root ball (the canopy after all has shrunk) particularly if you are making bonsais.

    It takes a little consideration when harvesting too, you MUST leave enough greenery on there to enable the plant to photosynthesise enough to recover and begin to grow again.

    Also, remember to cut back on your fertilising (particularly if it's gone into new ferted soil) as the plant is now a lot smaller and also to cut back your watering for the same reason.

    I tend to find this is a personal thing for growers many really don't like the idea and in all honesty it is preferable to take cuttings off everything that you want the genetics saved from however there are situations in every growers life where something fantastic comes from something you expected nothing from and hence did not bother, it is at this time that knowing how to reveg a plant is useful.

    Keep on keeping on.
  3. So my best bet is going to be to get a slip and clone it, and not let it go into flowering.

    Im just tired of seeds and the 50/50 guesswork. I want to put all my time and energy into plants that I know will produce.
  4. well originally when it was all grown outdoors, the plant would live, flourish, flower and die.. all the bud would fall to the ground and the seeds would be covered up until spring where it would grow again.. an anual.. like a bluebonnet or pumpkin..
  5. Keeping a mum will be the best decision a small grower makes.

    Like I said though, if it's a revegged mum that shouldn't be a problem if you definately want to save the genetics of that strain.

    Make sure you gather a few mums as a longterm plan as your tolerance to a particular strain will soon grow.
  6. Build a mum chamber, keep them small and just give them flouro, no need for big setup.
  7. Yea thats what I want to do. Grow a mum or two about 12-14" high at most.

    Anyone have any links to building a mum chamger? I thought a big fish tank would work good.

    Im guessing I should be able to keep clipping off the mum to keep it small, plus this will cause it to have lots of off shoots.

    I actually plan then in the spring to take that mum out and plant it with the others and do the whole cycle over again in the next fall.
  8. Give your momma plants at lest 20 watts per square ft. if you want to maintain vigorous vegetative growth.If you keep theplant small enough you could probably get by on a 4 ft shoplight.
  9. that sounds good, do I need a special kind of bulb?

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