After a long day...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jdogg6590, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. ha, well today basically sucked, had to work on my college apps all day. though i did play tennis, which alone is not that fun, but it was after a night blazing so i had that zombified type of feeling. anyways, after finishing working on the college apps at like 10.

    i just figured i'd chill for a bit, roll a j, and smoke it and then go into the hot tub. so that's what i did.

    made an awesome tiny little j (in my opinion), and smoked it. i'm new to this thing, so this was only my third j that i made. since it was only for me (too late to find anyone to chil lwith), it was tiny. Then i brought a fan into the fucking bathroom, started filling up the tub, locked the door, opened the window, sat next to it and lit up. ha! good shit man, worked perfectly.

    then i took the fan out and got into the tub and turned it on. dude, i tell ya, AWESOME! i even brought a cold water bottle in theree since i get thirsty.

    in the hot tub you know that noise you hear of the buubbles popping if its right next to your ear? that bloop thing? well i had my ears half in the water and could just hear this 'bloop' sound thumping on both sides constantly; i started thinking it was a techno song in the bubbles or something. than i just watched the waves of the water splashing, and started feeling as though i were commanding a ship through there. then i laid back and closed my eyes and it felt like the bubbles were making me fly , and i just imagined myself flying in the air. it was amazing.

    and now im here in my room with the laptop hooked up to my surround sound system, and im about to watch a movie online...wat movie should i watch? what's a good stoner movie?
  2. watch a movie online? how?
  3. im gonna fucking watch superbad, i saw that in theatres its fucking great.

    go to either or and you can find that stuff online
  4. oh man, that was the first post i've made on gc when i was actually high :smoke:, never usually around a computer when i'm high

    ha, that was a fun night
  5. Nice way to enjoy a good smoke man! +rep. Thats sick, I wish I had a hot tub hehe. My parents do, but I don't :(

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