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After a 4 month long t-break,

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alone is good, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. which would you choose:


    (would throw in vaporizer, but i'm not fortunate to have bought one yet)

    It's been a long 4 months of no smoking, and I'm soooo looking forward to being able to toke again. :hippie:

    I've bought a couple pipes from grasscity but never paid much attention to the forums, so I've been lurking for a couple days, seems like a pretty decent crowd for the most part
  2. if you smoke a bong you will be probably be the second highest of your life man, however you might fall asleep after the first hour haha
  3. joint.
    then bong.
  4. bong/blunt if you smoke a bong its going to wreck your throat all to fuck since its the first time in 4 months
  5. Gnarly bong rips to tha face ! ! !
  6. All 4 my man.
  7. i personally don't really like smoking through any sort of papers, so i'd go either bong or bowl. if you wanna maintain your lack of tolerance for as long as possible maybe go the bowl route? i'd prefer to rip the bong, though. favorite way to smoke.

  8. I recently quit cigarettes so you saying that kinda makes me rethink the blunt and joint. I'm having a hard enough time with cravings as is.


    since I have now until the weekend of Easter I might just buy some new glass or something.. I've had my eye on this in particular would love to hear from someone who has it (I read the reviews.)
  9. lol id go with a J first

    a bong rip would get u fuckedddd after a T break that long
  10. All of the above

  11. Seems alot more expensive then the bongs I see at my local smoke shop But it looks like a beast.

    I'd go with a bong or just a traditional fatty joint/blunt shared with some friends
  12. bong then joint
  13. The bong personally. That's mostly because after a few months my throat loses the ability to cope well with hot smoke.

  14. What kind of bongs are you using?

    I say bong, you'll be way higher.
  15. Smoke a blunt while you pack your bong's bowl. then hit the bong. You'll be toasty :)
  16. It all you want to get high?

    Ok I'm guessing you said yes.

    So my answer is...

  17. 1 gram in edibles with 2 hash dabs from a Ti nail


    was about to say the same thing. OP do you even know how fucking high youll be off edibles after a 4 month break??? edibles are a much more intense high. its something you should try after a t break. it wont affect your tolerance and you can smoke however you want later and STILL get really high.

    i went fuck balls crazy high after just a months break.


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