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After 7

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by biev420, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. After 7 years of smoking at least once a day I'm taking a break month or so. Then after 4-20 is over it will be a rarity to see me smoke anymore. So, i guess this is my quittin dank thread. Its been a fun 7years tho. I'll prolly smoke from time to time in the future, so, still expect vids and such. Just needing a break so I can get shit straight.
  2. Nothing wrong with a break here and there. Hope that you'll find love of Mary Jane again in the future though. :)
  3. a break once in a while won't hurt
  4. yeah im due for a break too. i have very bad asthma (yeah and i smoke go figure :rolleyes:) and i can feel it hitting me harder as the days go on. plus im trying to start a new relationship and even though i know she smokes i doubt anywhere near as much as i do so im gonna not quit but cut down for a while

    today is day 1. plus i have 1 paper left (yeah i can go get them down the rd) but im gonna make it "sentimental" and save it for a j with someone special. sorry ima very sentimental guy...
  5. Today is my first day of soberity, it's not too bad actually.
  6. I find whenever I take a break that the hardest days are like 3-5ish cause the first few days your like ok, its nice being sober all day, then for me atleast I get cravings after a few days, then after that its not so bad.
  7. I just usually have trouble sleeping the first night of sobriety and I get kinda bored.
  8. Same here, lasts for a week with me tho.
  9. im dieing right now... i need a puff sooooo bad
  10. Be strong dude don't give in. Just think, from quitting it will take so much less to get high. You can do it..(ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!)...haha
  11. i havent actually tried to quit, when i say "take a break", it more means a day or two. honestly, those who are trying to quit or going for a long break, more power to ya.
  12. i t was thinkin on giving my lungs a rest between cigs and green my lungs are killing me
  13. well the sentiment means more to me then getting high... plus its not hard to not smoke cuz im dry. but man i swear to fucking god... i never knew i was addicted...

    if weed is this hard i dont wanna even immagine cigarettes
  14. *sigh* there is no addiction, unless you must have pot to live, sleep, eat, or any of that shit. I'm doin just fine myself. Maybe its because I've been stepping down gradually from day to day.
  15. it just got 100000000 times worse... my dad just sparked up downstairs and i can smell it and it smells so heavenly....
  16. Blah, just fight it man. Trust me it will be worth it. When you do smoke again, have plenty munchies available.:p
  17. i hope the next time i smoke it will be with the one special person to me... the only thing ill be munchin then is pussy... :)
  18. Screw cigs, imagine getting addicted to coke or herion.
  19. Yeah no shit. Cigs are the candy of addiction and coke is the alchy of it.
  20. Really? I always heard it would make the asthma better.

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