After 3 Weeks Of Not Smoking...

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  1. (which means first sesh after Tiesto [...which was the most life-changing night of my life where I had my first roll at my first rave ever, if you read my other thread])...

    <center>I GOT MY R O L L BACK 100% FROM TIESTO!!!</center>

    We were up on this really tall view on a place called Suicide Hill near where I live. The hike up was such a bitch, I was like dead when we reached the top. It was pretty dark, so when I was smoking my cig and I held it in front of my face, it looked like a GLOWSTICK. And then I waved it a lil in front of me and it looked like a LIGHTSHOW. So I busted out another cig, broke it off to where the other one was, and torched it. I just got a working TWO GLOWSTICKS! I gave them to Jae and he started moving them around like he would at a rave, and it was an AMAZING LIGHTSHOW. My ROLL hit me 100% soooo hard. I was fucking ROLLIN like just as hard as at TIESTO. Even without any music present, I still heard it all in my mind, which was just so blown away. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing outta control. And I had my fair share of body spasms.

    Then after a killer walk down which is like impossible for me because I was ROLLIN BALLS and my vision was all fucked up. But eventually I made in down. Then we get back in the car, drive to Jae's house, let him go up to the house, wait 15 min for him to get back in, and he comes out with TWO RED & BLUE GLOWSTICKS and a TRANCE CD!! So we drive up to somewhere darker, and Jae starts giving me an AMAZING LEGIT LIGHTSHOWand to a SICK TRANCE CD, so I'm ROLLIN BALLS AGAIN. It's basically like we're at TIESTO...AGAIN! And he finishes it off with ATB - Ecstasy, my absolute favorite song. I was totally done. It was the craziest sensiaton. Towards the end or somewhere, I remember telling Jae, "It's like a FREE ROLL...with NO COMEDOWN..." It was BEAUTIFUL.

    Afterwards, the roll and high started to fade...and here I am, writing to you.

    Yeah. I'm fucking blown and blazed out as hell.

    Oh yea, and LIFE IS....

  2. Wow that sounds really great! I'm glad you had such a positive experience. Now just try acid...
  3. Awesome time man, im jealous although I wouldnt try E.

    I agree, acid is some fun shit.
  4. Hell yea man. Like i said on AIM... rolling again after you smoke its fucking awesome... just like you said, a free roll w/ no comedown. Mine were never as intense as that, it would only be a roll from earlier or the day before, and was never as strong as it was while i was really rolling.
  5. Bold is fun!

    I'd like to try acid, but I dont know about E...I would probably do it if the opportunity presented itself, but it's not something I'd go looking for. And god knows what's in those pills...
  6. haha you seem like someone who would really get into doin acid. bein prepared for your trip makes it so much better. i recomend doin it by yourself, its amazing. people weird me out when im trippin. i love bein around people, but i usually just take off with one other person whos trippin and just smoke while im with them. have a pack of smokes and a nice bag of weed to burn. i would never even bother taken a dose if i couldnt smoke

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