afroman>all other rappers imho

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    this is the best rap music i have heard since Eternal 99 bone thugs

    [ame=]Afroman - Back on the Bus - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]afroman - back to school - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Afro Man- Because I Got High (Uncensored) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Afroman- Smoke two blunts. - YouTube[/ame]
  2. oh boy.. lol i can feel a shitstorm abrewin
  3. HAahah, I haven't heard of Afroman in a cool minute. His from where I live, Palmdale~:laughing: People used to call me Afroman when I had my Afro.
  4. afroman is easily 10x more creative than the average rapper today
  5. Best rape music you ever heard huh...?
    but yeah afroman is a pimp. I almost went and saw him live like last month but it was just too long of a drive.
  6. Nice thread.

    Ive been binging on Afroman lately. Good music for loopers to practice with. Most of his beats are funky as fuck but very simple loops.

    Dude is funny as hell, its a nice break from the "hurr durr im such a tough guy im gonna shoot you" bull shit all the rap is about now.
  7. So. . .You get high and go out raping people? That doesn't sound Okay. hehehe Afroman is decent at best. He is creative'ish' I liked the sublime cover. IMO most of the rappers out today have gotten lost in the commercialism and politics hip hop was created in protest against. I'm just sayin. . .
  8. I've been listening to a lot of Afroman lately too... hmmmmmm.... but then again, I've been listening to a lot of e-40 as well... I dunno, all I know is that I stopped listening to Atmosphere, got worn out on that album.
  9. ha hell yeah. seen him twice. 1st time he had dj's and a sweet guitar set up he was playin on and his wife was on stage dancing and shit.

    second time, like 1.5/2 years later....a different story.

    he showed up by himself, had all his tracks with everything besides the rap parts, even the singing parts, on an ipod. after each song he would turn around and take time to pick the next song. he didnt even turn off the fucking clicks. it was sad.

    if you look in the "people out of the ordinary you have smoked with" thread you will see i had an even more depressing smoke with him after the show too.
  10. Colt 45s and two zig zags baby that's all ya need!!
  11. he does his thing , fuck that "who's better " shit
  12. sorry, he isn't that great...
  13. [quote name='"weednotcrack"']HAahah, I haven't heard of Afroman in a cool minute. His from where I live, Palmdale~:laughing: People used to call me Afroman when I had my Afro.[/quote]

    Palmdale alll day nuggggha

  14. not much complexity in his music, but he brings something to the table in his story telling and comical raps, as well as relatable shit
  15. some good rape music nom sayin
  16. Didn't I hear that he found Jesus and stopped raping people?
  17. Afroman is almost 100% independent. Even more so since 2004.

    I don't know mate you just got to be in the right mood. Like listen to Drunk n High while drunk and high.

    I highly highly doubt it with all the blasphemous and crude lyrics he has. But anything is possible.
  18. [quote name='"WildWill"']Didn't I hear that he found Jesus and stopped raping people?[/quote]

    nah, he still rapes people.

    im not knockin his music, its good. but im more into rap like old apathy when he was apathetic the alien tongue or whatever, and old jedi mind tricks when vinny paz was ikon the verbal hologram. stuff like that. but i used to roll to afroman all day in like 7th-8th grade
  19. Afroman is decent he's got a laid back style but he isn't making a difference in hip hop by any means

  20. thats because hip hop his hip pop now.

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