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  1. Hi whats good everyone... Am moving to east africa real soon and i was wondering if i can grow some big plants there as it is hot and a got a big house there with a big garden and am thinkin of planting the whole garden
    So what
  2. go for it!!!!
    take some pics too!
    though you might wanna check up on the legality of pot and its cultivation in the new area...wouldnt wanna end up with the death penalty or sumthin lol.
    (no joke..i read that you get death penalty for breaching network rules in office/school/etc in a part of the world[of which i cant remember the name])
  3. Dude be very careful.I did some traveling in that part of Africa a few years ago.My guide who manged to sort some smoke for me , told me how one night he sparked up and out of nowhere this cop showed up, put an AK47 to his head, put him in the boot of the car drove him to the middle of nowhere and demanded everything he had including his clothes .Took the poor bastard 2 days walking through bush to get back to camp.:laughing:
    You may not be arrested but you may find yourself in a situation you cant even begin to imagine.
  4. my god..i hate the man
  5. AK47 Lol......Thats some fucked up shit they done to that guy..but See with me its a different situation..I got my backgrounds there and i Know the place well...But Smokin in public is illegal there but fuck that :D what are the best seeds to buy u think
  6. Africa, endless civil war, AIDS, fuck that place.
  7. you all have no idea. africa is a continent not a country it has many different parts and gov\'ts quit talking from your ignorance.
  8. A continent riddled with civil wars and AIDS. The kids are starving to death but there\"s always money for guns.
    Don\"t tell me that ain\"t so, I only have to walk down the street to meet someone collecting money for them.
  9. we wouldn\'t have aids if gay ass british scientist didn\'t try to pull a ethnic clesning there.
  10. have you been there? thank you.
  11. That really wasn\'t necessary.

    To get back to the subject of growing marijuana and the question posed by Human Flesh, I see no reason why the conditions you describe should prevent a successful grow. What many here are warning you about is the legal/political climate. Fact is we don\'t know the specifics (hey guys, we don\'t even know what country he is talking about), but it is true that in certain parts of the world they don\'t look the other way or even give you jail time, instead they will cut off your hands or your balls...or your head...for growing this stuff, so be very, very careful.
  12. south africa its ok white people are taking over south africa anyway
  13. Really folks, the only color that matters on this forum is green, and the only sexual preference is female buds...
  14. Yes, actually

  15. Can you quote a reference supporting that rather radical statement?
  16. You guys need to cut this\'s unneccesary(sp?) and immature. If you\'re gonna be immature then leave cuz all we have here are mature adults.
  17. unnecessary
  18. im sorry you had a bad experience, there are many economically and socially stable countries and places in africa so stfu and quit generalizing.
  19. On GC we do expect people to accept that others may have a different point of view without becoming abusive.

    I have nothing more to say in this thread.
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