Afraid of spiders

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  1. I just witnessed a hilarious meltdown. My roommate was laying on the couch and happened to notice a spider on her blanket so she threw her stuff across the room and started rolling on the floor.

    I could have been nice and offered to kill the spider for her but this was way too entertaining. Next thing I know she has her blanket spread out across the entire living room stepping all over it trying to kill any spiders. Then she went in the bathroom to change her clothes apparently due to dead spider residue? Now she's down in the laundry room washing her clothes/blankets.
  2. Wow, and I thought I was afraid of spiders lol.
  3. Let the fake spider pranks begin.

    Buy a massive one at the dollar store and put it under something in the fridge. :)
  4. A phobia is pretty serious. I hyperventilate at the sight. Help her out next time. It's funny to you but it's an awful feeling for her.
  5. i hate when bug crawl on you then you have this feeling of bugs still on you for like an hour

  6. If I liked my roommate I'd gladly help her.
  7. I have a terrible fear of Spydys :(:hide:
  8. One time me and my step bro went outside to spark a bowl, when we came inside I noticed the window was open so I closed it. I leaned near the wall next to the window to get my cell phone and my step bro had a shocked look on his face, and he said "dude move away from the wall SLOWLY" I thought we was just trying to be funny so I got away from the wall and there was a HUGE black tarantula on the wall that crawled in the window while we were outside. when I leaned to grab my phone my face was probably an inch away from it. I almost peed my pants because for one I'm terrified of spiders and for two it was a fucken tarantula! I opened the window and got a broom and was able to slowly direct it back out the window and after I was able to get it out I slammed the window and sprayed the whole room with Raid lmao! Thank god I was high cause god knows I wouldn't have been as calm through that situation. Lol
  9. I hate spiders....... so much. Everything about them.
  10. come on people.... you should be scared of a bug. your a billion times bigger then a spider and one finger and his dead. like a bee yea they may sting but then there dead course you dont wanna get raped by bees and stung everywhere but usually leave it alone and it goes away or just kill it we are made much smarter and stronger for a reason. normally i kill the bugs before my GF even notices then just say it was nothin
  11. I'm not as afraid of spiders as I am of these things.


    Mud wasps make me cringe just looking at them, maybe its cause I had a bad experience with them as a kid.
  12. wtf!! never heard of it and doubt in MN we have them the main thing about MN thats good is no poison bugs or anything
  13. i fucking hate every bug. they all make me cringe. especially spiders.
  14. I remember when I was a kid, I got my mom to come into my room to kill this spider.

    She was all like


    then she tried to kill it, and missed so the spider fell and she was all screaming like


    It was pretty ironic considering she just told me theres no reason to be scared of spiders :smoke: I was sitting there laughing my ass off lmao
  15. i hate em. but i use the hate to kill em lol

  16. you just said lmao twice....
  17. Yeah? Their small as hell but its pretty fucked up how a bite from one can fuck you up more than a bullet... I hate spiders with a passion. I'll waste a can of spray on a single spider. Only advantage is they move slow.

    Now roaches.... Call the fucking military.
  18. Ya, fucking turrified of spiders. Even daddy long legs, the bastards are just creepy. I remember once I hotboxed a bathroom with one in the corner, and I just stared at the fucker and I thought ""What if this bastard was like an alien robot or something just watching me"...................Pot.....good times, good times.

  19. you ever watch Stargate SG 1 the seasons with eppisodes about the Replicators?

    My Friends and I have been having icky spider incidents the past couple weeks. I can in from my balcony and was feeling something in my hair and it was a spider.:eek: gross *shudders* then I went to the park and there was one in the port-a-potty.
    My one friend had one swoop down on her from the clothes line as she tried to hang something up. and a third has had these large ones invading her new apartment.
    ther is just something creepy about them.:hide:
  20. ....why didnt she just walk over and falcon punch the fucking thing? I dont like bugs in general, so if they're not a ladybug, catapillar, butterfly, dragonfly, or prayingmantas....they getting they ass smooshed. Ya, im prejudice with bugs, what of it sluts?

    I just dont want those fuckers in my room, so I smoosh em before they know what happened. ...let their scent be a warning to other would be inhabitors of my room...muthafuckas better hide...i will crush you...


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