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  1. What do you all think of AFI? I have liked them for a long time. I am really happy for them that they won the MTV2 Award last night on the VMAs.

    I really like the album Black Sails in the Sunset the best. To check them out, go to

    If you like rock and roll, punk, hardcore, goth, check out the entire catalog, they do it all.
  2. hehe ooo another punker ...
    right on afi is kool
  3. used to be a big fan, but ive become tired of them...

    eventually all their tracks just started sounding the same to me...

  4. ???
  5. afi is a punk band -.-
  6. AFi rocks, "The Art of Drowning" is my favorite album but so is "Black Sails in the Sunset" too. I think their new album could possibly lick my gouch. Nah, its not that bad, but I dont like it, not afi, they sold out going to dreamworks records.
  7. love AFI.
  8. they're allright.....wouldn't be the first thing i listen to... though it also wouldn't be the last....

  9. It's not particularly selling out if your current label owner ADVISES you to make the jump...

    Everyone knew it was for the best of the band.

    ps. not trying to be a dick or anything, just disagreeing with the term sellout: the music has made a logical progression, adn they have turned into something more than a band for a lot of people. the recent popularity I think is well deserved for a band who has worked a long time to get where they are. Their live performance is nothing short of amazing (unless it is at Warped tour).

    have a nice day.
  10. yeah, i got all of their cds. big fan since Black Sails...

    Give me sugar, not nuts and twigs! Do I look like a fucking squirrel to you?!
  11. I love them, recently downloaded 29 songs of theirs, before that id only heard of them, i never watch any music channels or anything, I just investigate by recommendation, every now and then i find a very good band, just like AFI.
  12. That new video is gay as shit(gay shit). Why IN THE HELL do they have hardcore kids dancing to that crap?????? Someone please do expain.

    I heard they played hatebreed in the background and the kids didn't even know what video they were gonna be in. They had to trick them.
  13. No, all of afis videos are filmed the same.

    They have a concert, and anyone who wants to be in the video can stay after.

    well, not all there videos are done the same... but they have alot that involve a crowd, and thats how they do it..

    hahahaha but i like the idea of tricking people into your music video... if only we can learn to do it with porn... and hot girls... hmmm

  14. Well dude it just dosn't make sense to throw fists to that kind of music. edp that song in particular. maybe candiria, martyr ad, diecast, or any metal/hardcore band but they simply are NOT.
  15. used to be a big fan, but im into mellower stuff (weed did it to me) theyre talented, but the davy sounds and looks like a girl....... a scary one at that

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