Afghanistan people throwing out US forces

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  1. This is happening. The US military has had 2 key incidents which encouraged the afghan people to riot.

    1) Koran book burning. That really started some shit. Afghan people started rioting.

    - US response- just continue the mission.

    2) soldier murders 16 people in a massacre.

    I think something slipped. US citizens don't always get great info from Afganistan. The government covers up most of the shit happens. How did this story get to us, and how munched is the story changed. Media reports one general did it all. Some report were saying that it was multiple people-
    keep in mind a massacre happened possibly similarly to this doing Vietnam.

    Now Afganistan is riotig like crazy against the US and they want te soldier OUT!

    -US response- we will count one or mission? Media is openly opposing the wars.
    Hillary Clinton- we will make sure that any false allegation are dealt with. And we continue the mission in Afghanistan...

    The Afghanistan people are demanding a public trial. What happens now. The world would want the US to be held accountable for thier actions. Does Afganistans demands get met?

    What happens of the US allows their soldier to be put on a global trial.

    This will not be able to be covered up, how long does the US bullshit in Afghanistan. The people are rioting an we are getting ousted, how ignorant is congress to stay, just to deny the epic failure that is Aghanistan.
  2. The murdering scum bag of a soldier needs to be handed over to Afghan officials and be held accountable under Afghan law...

    There may also be more than one NeoCon drone responsible...

    US soldier kills at least 16 Afghan civilians - The Irish Times - Mon, Mar 12, 2012

    Taliban threatens Afghan reprisals - The Irish Times - Mon, Mar 12, 2012

    This would not be surprising... NeoCon drones are like rats and tend to travel in small groups...
  3. I love your sweeping generalizations of everything and anything :rolleyes: :laughing:
  4. What generalizations have i made in this thread Dutchy ?:confused:

  5. I heard about the discrepancy with the stories. I don't think I can believe the NATO and US report, they have lied so much.

    The soldier, or group, should be tried on a world court. The question is wether or not the US will allow it. US uses the UN the get what it wants, will the US allow for its own military be accountable for its actions on a global stand.

    Will the US allow a world court decide what happens?
  6. Theres two for you

    Well you do this daily I think but Neocon Drones is apparently your name for US military personnel, your animosity towards the US military blinds you to the fact that not every soldier is a "neocon drone" or a "rat".
  7. Why would a world court give an impartial trial? The ICC is a joke, it's used to terrorize individuals like Gaddafi who don't play ball with western financial interests, whilst Bush, Obama, & Tony Blair walk free.

    International governance is crooked governments across the globe coming together to consolidate wealth and power, derp, I mean help the poor 3rd world nations. :rolleyes:

    Let the Afghans try him (them, whoever).
  8. It doesn't make sense. How did he just walk back to base?

    If you walk through 3 homes shooting you think you would draw some serious attention and that the whole village would of have heard and then overrun him right there.

    Seems strange

  9. Yes they are...;)

    What do you think of this outrageous and disgusting act by one drone or a pack of NeoCon drones ?
    (I like to refer to a group of NeoCon drones as a pack, a group of rats are also referred to as a pack of rats)

    Do you feel they should be brought to a/c in front of an Afghan/World court or let off the hook back to the USA ?
  10. Smokinp is not talking about every individual enlisted in the US military, we are speaking strictly about the individual(s) responsible for these killings.

    I believe the term "Neocon Drone" is reserved for those that go haywire whilst on duty overseas.

    Like these guys:

    Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge | Asian Tribune

    [ame=""]US MARINE THROWS PUPPY OFF CLIFF, David Mortari - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]US soldiers killing a goat with metal bat - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]US military investigate video in which marines urinate of dead bodies of Taliban fighters - YouTube[/ame]


    Don't be so quick to jump to the defense of our enlisted brothers, by no means is every member of the military guilty of these type of dehumanizing actions, but one rotten apple spoils the bunch in the eyes of the locals.
  11. Highly unlikely...
    The drone/drones responsible are more than likely already back in the US...

    I believe that the Afghan people should demand this drone be handed over. If the US refuse then i believe Afghanistan has no option but to declare war on the US for harboring said drone. (See 9/11)

    I am sure right now there are thousands of young Afghans upset and disgusted by what has happened and thinking of how they could hit back at the US... There are more than likely also people currently in the US who also are getting more tempted to strike.
    Every week now seems to bring a fresh "outrage" "massacre" by the US of A...

    Every action has a reaction.

    Blowback will come....;)
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    I think the people responsible should be held accountable.

    However you really do go just as low as the people you despise. Theres no talking to you, all you do is spew extreme left bs.

    I don't ever hear you talking about the atrocities commited by the people that are "defending their country" lol.. your arguments tend to be very one sided.
  13. They have a Status of Forces Agreement in effect. It reads (in part); Worried it was too big, now tiny. :smoke: Basically , the military remains the authority over it's troops.

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  14. Sigh seems like provocations.

    They want another 911 or something?

  15. O really, he rapes and massacres innocent people and kills animals with blunt objects for fun?


  16. Afghanistan is experiencing blowback, for their support of bin laden and al qaeda before and after 9/11.

  17. So there will be no justice...

    Haditha killings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. you can't blowback blowback, dude.

    afghani support of al qaeda and friends, is blowback.
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    lol dunno where you got that from..

    I'm simply saying that he always bashes american military personnel and america/the west in general, but doesn't have anything bad to say when it comes to anything anti-western/american.

    I'm sure that most people with a leftist agenda like him would be very offended if I said something like all commies deserve to burn in hell because they suck for example. However he goes off and calls all american soldiers "neocon drones" and "rats". hypocrisy much?

    Look I don't think my government are saints, I know for a fact that the majority are greedy rich bastards. However the armed forces deserve a hell of a lot more credit than he gives them...
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    Blow back from these recent events are coming and it's not going to be pretty. I wonder if some foreign country occupied NY because they are at war with the Italian Mafia how I would feel if said foreign occupation has killed innocent lives in their pursuit?

    Yeah, I'd want them the FUCK out of my country asap. Problem is, as predicted, the Whitehouse says it will not pull out from Afghanistan and will continue business as usual.

    Prepare for incoming terrorist attacks (whether produced by the CIA or actual terrorists)

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