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  1. What photoperiod would maximize the yield on my Afghani, I thought about 16/8 during vegetative stage and 12/12 during flowering? I'd like to hear from people that grew the same strain.
  2. Why 16/8? I have not heard of people running veg less than 18/6. I don't have exp with the strain. Is there a reason for 16/8?

  3. I was thinking an increase in Co2 or Co2 induction system bro. Im not sure if 16 and 8 is good cause from what I hear 24/7 tightens the bud spacing. That kinda leads me to belive your yield would be better at a higher light cycle. I have no personal experience with a pure afghani though so im not sure, I guess your best way to find out is to clone your afghani plant and try different ways. good luck deac.
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    While not Afghani, I am running a pure Indica and Afghani is pure Indica.

    I do 18/6 for veg and 12/12 for flower. Works fine.

    Never noticed more light making tighter internodes, mine are 1/2-3/4" under the 18/6. You could try 20/4 and see if there is a diff. I'm not a big fan of 24/0.

  5. Thanks dudes.

  6. I agree. Seams like a waste of energy. I do 18/6 then 12/12 with all my strains.

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