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Afghani goo pick up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PRPLURKL, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. just took these pix.if ne one got tips for me wit takin pictures let me kno cuz they lookin wack compared to all the other pix i see.
    awsome smoke!tastes lemony in a whiteboy(white rolling paper)very stoned high but goes away quick to me.thats the only flaw.fortunatly im mixin it up wit blueberry so its off da chain now lol:smoking:
  2. that shit looks incredible dude.
    very nice
  3. daaaaaaaaam thats nice
  4. did you use tthe macro?

    when you take the pic make sure your camera is extremely steady.
    I also like to take the pic of the bud on a dark surface with an overhead light source, this way the light seems to reflect off the trichomes the best
    flash doesnt always work but varies for different people.
  5. that's some bomb bud dawg
  6. yea man this bud's fire.i got taxed for it but its worth it, buck twenty for the quarter."came str8 from cali"
  7. Afghani Goo is my favorite.
  8. looks like some Afghooey.

  9. i have bud just like that before its real dank.

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