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Afghani and some nice organic ~Pics/Macros~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by -Kronic-King, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I picked up a half ounce of some nice organic the other day and i have to say this shit smells so fucking pungent. You know the smell of really nice organic flushed bud, well this is it the smell just

    makes me happy and want to smoke it. The taste is pretty much like the smell, it is really smooth and hardly makes me cough. More of a productive high.

    Take a look.





    Now the afghan is just caked with crystal. It does not taste as good but the high of it is like the most high i have ever been off bud. Its a very "DEEP" head high that makes my eyes extremely droopy and i guess its couchlock weed. makes me zone out so much and go into another mind state. Bomb shit if i must say




    PLEASE READ: I really need help taking macro photos im pretty sure it may be my lighting i have a natural white light (sunlight lamp) and i think i may need to use something else. Thoughts on this would be appreciated
  2. yummmmmm :D
  3. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Looks delicious :yummy: I like those small sandwich baggies, they're very handy. Especially when there's weed in them.
  4. Yea the baggies are perfect for half ounces and its perfect cause it is small
  5. shes a beauty man
  6. Nice lookin buds man. Looks really dank man.
  7. HAHA your name is jizzmaster. People buy weed off you are like this weed is so sticky eh? hahaha jk man
  8. Which bud looks better do you think?
  9. The organic looks dank as fuck, I recommend putting that in your lungs.
  10. already in my lungs bra
  11. that organic bud looks DELICIOUS... I think even better then the afghani does..

    the afghani, what she doesn't have in looks she makes up for in potency
    if I smoke a bowl of that by myself.. nothing is getting done that day

    good pickup man keep em coming!
  12. snootchie bootchies
  13. The organic is delicious man. And ya the afghan just gets you mega ripped.
  14. damn that afghan shit looks awesome. how much did you pay for it?
  15. Looks delicious
  16. amazing pick up bro, +rep
  17. 150$ a Zip
  18. the organic was 200$ a zip wich kind of sucks but w.e its good
  19. Anyone else like it/

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