Afghan landrace!! Seeds..

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  1. My friend bought me some of these when he came to visit me from afghanistan..
    What em intrsted in is that resulting plants will differ like the seeds do?? And are they landrace seed?

  2. No way in hell can anyone tell you the strain. Especially from seeds. Get some US or UK seeds probably better genetics since the US, Canada, and UK seem to be taking off with the marijuana business. Mainly the US with all the legalization. Amsterdam has like 2 strains they love , not worth it. Also can't stand when people say Jamaica has the best because they have shit. Went on vacation tried multiple times and still was shit and full of seeds. They only care about mass production. Sorry for the rant.

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  3. I didn't ask about the strain.. Or the genetics about the seeds.. Simple question was that i got them from a afghani landrace grower.. But they vary so mch from eathother.. Reslting plants will also differ as the seeds,right??

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  4. a landrace is any strain grown somewhere else native to your land yes like Afghanistan .If you can get it to adapt to the ground soil in your land .That's a landrace your over thinking the word
  5. Yup thankyou for clarifying... But like a landrace should be a strain developed over time in a particular environment/region by nature.. In particular seeds should look alike.. But they aren't.. So just wondering why the are so different,
    Colour size,shape, pettern.. Differs..

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  6. I know that i should just grow them to know what they really grow into.. But while growing.. Reading n asking can be helpful.. Ryt..

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  7. reading yes it's a lot of reading when you start getting into the landrace strains be prepared for that .They cost some good money not to mention getting the right landrace .I had some pics of some insane looking landraces from threads that don't even look like bud , but said it was some straight fire .I
    d say grow you some sensimilla regular seeds .
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  8. you said ," In particular seeds should look alike.. But they aren't.. So just wondering why the are so different,
    Colour size,shape, pettern.. Differs.. " Im not sure i would assume it's because they are old varieties of cannabis learned to adapt differently to different climates .How did you get to obtain a lot of different original lanraces to find that out?And are you comparing unfeminized landraces or regular?
  9. Em the studnt of genetics & would like to read alot n alot frst & also would love some live experience of that...
    Would you like to elaborate..
    '' they cost some good.....
    .... Some straight fire..''

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  10. I was comparing within a landrace.. Unfeminized natural landrace.. Yes a landrace should vary from other landrace.. But if we consider a single landrace.. Even they vary alot..

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  11. for example afgani is a landrace they got the real afghani landrace and a fake one .The fake one is the freebie herbies gives when you buy any seed pack .The real afghani cost $125 USD not including shipping .And then when you grow them it takes a very long time to find something special .
  12. It it was grown outdoors its inbred, so it will have a lot of pheno variation compared to pure bred feminized genetics you may even get some that are more sativa and some that are more indica depending on which part of the plant was pollenized by what. A lot of the Afgani, Pakistani and other wild land race seeds will be low yielders compared to good fem genetics but can have a very unique flavour and with so many phenos you can just make up names for the ones you like and clone them to keep them around.
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  13. #weedsmoker9965
    Yes its in those cases when em gettng seeds from a authorised bank for somethng like tht.. But those landrace growers in afghanistan growing hectors of weeds.. Grow from what they get from there selected femeles fertilesed or wht ever the way should may be.. I got what they grow in hectors of weeds fields.. I got a handful of these seeds.. I know these arent certified seeds.. In wild seeds are spread nd grown by there own no human invlvmnt needed...

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  14. @Fullmeltalchemist you can't name a strain of one plant .You have to create your own genetics .Your third cross is what you can name that whole plant offspring .Idk how many crosses when they do feminized until they name it .

    @S.Jatt yeah but don't take them serious unless .they pull every male .And if the were serious breeders who know breeding for potency .
  15. If you think every strain you ever smoked was a F3 hybrid then you got some reading to do, a name is just a name and with those seeds being already unknown hybrids so why not call them "Super Chocolate Espresso Snowflake #1-10, isolate the desirable phenos and clone them? Clones will have the same genetics as their mother so you could call it something specific without worrying about variation in the final product, and if you want to make a new cross you have "named" phenos to work with ( Super Chocolate # 1 + Espresso Snowflake # 3 + Super Chocolate Espresso Snowflake). This is how all strains and breeding projects got their start, I'm sure George Washington had a name for his gen 1 OG Kush (Original George).
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  16. wtf F3 :confused_2: no i don't think every seed is hybrid if that's what your saying .Yes I believe every strains are named after the second cross .Do you even aproach it from a scientific stand point ?Or are you just trying to point out i know nothing ?A name isn't just a name it's shows the difference in a variety of species it's different .You didn't do anything to the species what gives you a right to change a name of a strain someone created .You just look like a very uneducated person this annoying i have to explain this nonsense to you .If it's a unkown seed then you call it unknown tell the truth don't be liar .It's like he could breed with it lmfao .I only cross something i know 100% wtf it is im out
  17. Alright eggy, I'll go back to growing while you debate someones right to name an unknown strain with very poor grammar and sentence structure. Oh wait, I must just be too uneducated to read your space age english.
  18. ouch my grammer ,yet you used "eggy" yep why i debate you mimick other growers. what does naming a phenotype prove yes that's after the third cross man .It's still the same thing just a different flavor maybe depends on why the breeder made the choice .You can't even argue a point that makes sense lmfao "isolate the clones" tha fuck
  19. your gonna name a million phenos lmfao for nothing if you sow a seed you call it #1 and so on.. when you root a cut it's a genetic copy offcourse then you would call it copy a and so on... it's not that complicated
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  20. Naming refers to lable or tag to differentiate..

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