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Afghan kush ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mikesu58, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I picked up an eigth of what my dealer told me was Afghan kush. It's some nice looking bud, has a very strong sweet/green taste. Rate this bud and does it look like Afghan kush? Here's some pics of a dime i'm gonna roll a honey blunt with once my friend gets here

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  2. Hard to tell a strain from pics sorry, but rating-wise like 7/10, shitty trim job but decently crystally, nugs aren't as compact as I'd like.
  3. Yeah it's straight.
  4. 7/10

    Orange hairs an what not kind of imply afghan. But im not one of those dudes whos really good at that shit
  5. Its like me taking a shit and asking you if it looks like a shit.
    That answers your question about if it looks like it. I cant work out the rest.

    Soz man, im blitz atm. i didnt mean to offend you :)
  6. I wouldn't support the idea that it is Afghan Kush......generally, being a heavy indica strain, Afghan Kush would have pretty dense nugs and they would not be as spear-shaped as those. Also the color of Afghan is generally a lighter brown, and the smell a basementy kind of musk, hairs are pretty orange too usually. The taste would be really heavy and earthy with Afghan. The camera could be distorting color but I think it would be valid to guess that it isnt Afghan...its up to u to make the call tho OP

  7. lol how?

    I dont get why people even ask "what strain is this?" because unless your getting it straight from the grower and he knows what seeds he was using, your probably not getting the advertised strain and just something your buddy made up.

    You most definitely cannot tell what strain it is through a picture. Looks like a decent pick up OP. Your the only one who can do the real test though, SMOKE IT.

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